2001 9th All China Games Wushu Competition
ShunDe, Guangdong, China - August 21-23, 2001


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Mysterious "fan" suddenly yells sharply, distracting Kong Xiangdong, causing him to lose the gold - (NanFang Daily) - 8/23/01 ( 神秘“嘉宾”突然尖叫孔祥东受惊失金牌)

Shunde 8/22 - (Authors Dai Xuedong, Wen Jianhua) - This afternoon as the men's Taijiquan division was underway, 1999 Taiji world champion, Guangdong team member Kong Xiangdong was in the running for the gold. In yesterday's Taijijian competition, he scored 9.15, surpassing the second place competitor by 0.14 points. Unless he's careless, will win the Taiji All-Around gold medal for the Guangdong team. The more fearful, the more fantastic. In this competition Kong Xiangdong has suffered from heartless people in the audience's "dark plot" against him. He had a brief brush with the gold. This afternoon in Taijiquan Kong Xiangdong was the third on the carpet. The Taijiquan form has two relatively difficult required movements, the audience generally applauds loudly and cheers AFTER the athlete completes these moves. As Kong Xiangdong was doing the first require movement, the "Front Kick turn 360 into raised foot 180 degree body turn with a single leg landing" move, from the audience came down a loud, piercing shout, making Kong Xiangdong step and sway as he completed this movement, ultimately getting an 0.2 deduction. Therefore Kong Xiangdong's mood is greatly effected by this. In the tense "Jumping peddle double whip fist empty leg control body landing" he didn't rise high into the air and recieved an 0.1 deduction. Therefore Kong Xiangdong's Taijiquan score was only 8.96, the hope of getting the gold depended only on the other athletes making mistakes. When Kong Xiangdong finished competing, he pointed at three people in the audience and continuously shook his head and sighed. Guangdong Team coaches and team members also discovered this irregular situation, they all asked eachother whether or not they recognized the three people, sitting in the second row in seats number 26,27, and 28. These three audience members hurriedly left as soon as Kong Xiangdong finished. The Guangdong Wushu Team's Taiji coach, "Taiji King" Wang Er Ping was extremely furious, he said "This is corrupt sportsmanship!" The 11th athlete on the carpet, Hebei athlete Yi Peng obtained a 9.16 in Taijiquan, passed Kong Xiangdong by 0.06 points, to barely take the Men's Taijiquan all-around gold medal. In this competition a "dark plot" emerged, the Guangdong Wushu Team immediately brought an appeal to the arbitration comittee members. Its a pity that it was too late to change the results however.

For 1000 RMB, the Beijing Team "buys" a Gold Medal - (Nanfang Daily) - 8/24/01

A Strange Matter at the 9th Games Wushu Forms Competition Shun De, 8/23 (Author Wen Jianhua, Dai Xuedong) - This afternoon at the 9th Games Wushu Forms Championship four gold medals were decided. Because of four teams appealing the results, the final results couldn't be announced until as late as 5pm. Of these four appeals, only the Beijing team's was successful, causing the fourth place athlete to leap all the way up to the gold medal. The Beijing Team's appeal really had drama. In the afternoon during the men's straightsword division, Shi Kun performed normally, he did his required movements pretty well. But just when he was satisfied with his own performance, the judges announced that he didn't do the movements well, and deducted 0.3 points, this caused him to immediately fall into cellar. At the competition arena, the author saw when the judge announced the deductions, they suddenly stopped and whispered into the ear of the judge next to them, then one of the other judges motioned for them to continue reading, so this judge continued to read out Shi Kun's score. This is how Shi Kun ended up in 4th place without a medal. After the competition finished, the Beijing team team leader immediately pulled out 1000 RMB (US $125) for the appeal fee and went to the arbitration committee to file their complaint. They pointed out that Shi Kun didn't make the errors announced by the judges. After watching the video tape, the arbitration committee agreed that Shi Kun did not do all the mistakes announced, and gave him back 0.1 points. With this correction, Shi Kun's final score was 18.10, instantly jumping to the first place spot in the men's straightsword/spear combined division, only 0.01 greater than the second place competitor. Changing the results after the competition is over is rarely seen in large competitions. The reporter who did the research for this article joked - Beijing spent 1000 RMB to "buy" this gold medal, but it was really worth it.

[Note: I concur with the authors retelling of the incident, when they announced the results, it was clear that they had made a mistake. Unfortunately the second place finisher, from Gansu was apparently upset with his gold medal being taken away, and therefore was unwilling to attend the medal ceremony to accept his silver medal (pictures coming soon)]

Guangdong Team Athlete Takes the First Gold Medal at the 9th Games in Guangdong (Xinhua News Agency) - 8/21/01
[Photo of Chen Lun]

In this afternoon's 9th All China Games' men's nanquan division, Guangdong athlete Chen Lun won the nanquan all-around nanquan championship. This is the first medal awarded at the All China games in Guangdong. The 9th Games wushu taolu competition started this morning at the ShunDe Sports Hall, all-together there were 26 groups with 152 athletes who will within three days compete in men's and women's nanquan, changquan, taijiquan, broadsword/staff and straightsword/spear all-arounds and in sparring sets, a total of 12 gold medals. Nanquan all around includes Nangun and Nanquan. In this morning's competition, the most forceful yell was Chen Lun's in the Nangun division. 0.02 behind Tianjin's veteran Lang Rongbiao. In this afternoon's nanquan division, the first on the field was Tianjin team's Wei Yue, who obtained a high score of 9.0.

"Heavy Cup" - Interview with Women's Changquan Champion Liu Qinghua (Sinowushu. com) - 8/23/01
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This morning in women's changquan all-around's final event, individual changquan, despite sharp competition, veteran Liu Qinghua idly walked away with the Women's changquan championship. Also its the Beijing team's second day at the competition since the first gold medal was given. Wang Xiao Na followed with the silver medal. Liu Qinghua has already won at the National Championship, Asian Games, and World Games. This 9th Games gold medal is a final accomplishment before retiring. At long last her final wish has been achieved, one can say "kung fu" doesn't just depend on determination, in preparing for this 9th games, she paid much. Liu Qinghua, with her exquisite skill has not only won over the country, but all over the world. The whole audience enthusiastically answered with cheers and shouts of 'bravo'. Also she won over the judges, in the final individual changquan event, she got the highest score of 9.35 and calmly walked away with the gold medal. Perhaps this is a competition with no audience involvement, in the audience, the author heard other province's team coaches and team leaders say in secret, "Her performance was really strong, when she walked out to compete, the gold was all hers." At tonight's medal ceremony, after Liu Qinghua recieved a large heavy cup from Mr. Cun Gang, she raised it high towards the audience. Finally the author found Liu Qinghua outside the arena, the only thing she said was "This thing is too heavy!" Otherwise, in this evenings women's straightsword competition Liu Qinghua is currently in third place. This event's gold medal will be decided tomorrow morning.
9th All China Wushu Forms Competition Ends (Xinhua Agency) 8/24/01
The 9th Games Wushu Competition ended tonight, the last two events, men's and women's sparring sets were won by the Shandong and Tianjin teams, respectively. At this high level wushu competition, the sparring sets are a relatively "good looking" event. Consequently tonights audience was especially large. First, in the women's competition, the Tianjin team's Yu Hao'er, Liu Yanyan and Li Xiang performed double broadswords against two spears. They were the 12th team up, and recieved the highest score, 9.33, taking the championship. Hebei team's Fu Linuo and He Xingnuo performed straightsword versus straightsword to win the silver, Ningxia's Qiu Xiaoying and Zhang Tengou took third. The men's sparring gold medal was won by Shandong's Wang Jianguo, Yuan Xindong and Luo Junwei. They arranged this three men's emptyhand form quick and violent, especially characterized by falls. They obtained a first place score of 9.35. Sichuan team's He Qingshan, Ning Wei and Tang Kangmin got second and the Liaoning team's Li Cheng, Gao Zhi and Hu Tengjiao took third. Chinese Wushu Association director Wang Jie said this event was a success, the first round of success for Guangdong's 9th Games. Speaking of this tournament's special moments, Wang Jie considers the 10 provinces, areas and cities that enjoyed the 12 gold medals, showing that the teams are at an even level, breaking the previously strong provinces' monopolizing. At the competition, Gulin, Liaoning and other provinces team's young athletes showed their high levels, wushu's border holds a large number of talented people.
The Beijing Team Triumphantly Returns ( - 8/25/2001
After three days of intense, thrilling, emotional competition, the 9th Games ended on the 23rd of August. On the 24th, the Beijing team started on their way back to Beijing from Shunde, Guangdong. They reached Beijing at noon today, the ShiChaHai Sports School administrators, teachers and students went to the trainstation to enthusiastically welcome the Beijing Wushu team back. At these 9th All-China Games, the Beijing Wushu Team all-together won 8 medals, 2 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze, a good accomplishment. Liu Qinghua, Shi Kun won women's changquan and men's straightsword/spear respectively. Liu Qinghua, Wang Xiao Na, Zhao Qingjian, Jian Zenjiao each won silver in Women's Straightsword/Spear, Women's Changquan, Men's Broadsword/Staff and Men's Changquan, respectively. Qiu Huifang and He Jingde won bronze in Women's Taiji and Men's Staff/Broadsword, respectively. The Men's and Women's Sparring Set gold medals were won by the Shandong and Tianjin women's teams, respectively. The 12 gold medals were divided up by 8 teams: Beijing, Guangdong, Tianjin, Shandong, Hubei, Hebei, Henan, and Sichuan. The medals were divided up between these teams, which means that their levels are very close. According to Coach Wu Bin, now that the competition is finished, the Beijing Team will spend 3 days to review their competition performance. Reviewing the experiences and lessons of the competition is the Beijing's secret training weapons.
International Help - Sights and Sounds from the 9th Games ( - 8/23/2001
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At Shunde's Sports Center there is one group of different skin color, different nationalities, the "Allied Forces." Actually, they are the Beijing Team's chearing group, most are currently learning Chinese Wushu at the Beijing Team's training center and are taking advantage of this hard to come by opportunity to come down to Shunde to view a high level wushu competition. People joke that they are a 'hired army'. They are all wushu lovers who came on their own from Australia, the US, France, Russia, etc.

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