Thanksgiving 2003 China/HK trip

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Pics from the return to HK and our day trip to Macao -

By the time we came back to HK they had the christmas decorations up at Statue Square. That's HK city hall in the back.

My favorite shot, Me, Junko and Kevin with HK island across the bay. taken with my tiny casio camera. It kicks ass!

Kevin and I taking the ferry across HK Bay, eagerly looking forward to the sites of TST waiting for us across the bay.

Another shot looking further to the west.

I had to doctor this one in photoshop to brighten the sign so you could read it. It says: 'If you are caught crossing the road here you will be prosecuted.' I took this picture after we crossed said road.

The next day we took the turbojet ferry over to Macau. This is the famous Avenida de Almeida Ribero. (As I am holding my camera, I have to admit that this photo is actually taken by Junko)

Macau has a nice european feel to it.

The big site to see in Macau is the Ruins of St. Paul's Church. It burned down in the 1800's. This was actually my 2nd time here. The first time was in 2000.

It was a monday afternoon, but there were tons of Mainland tourists all over the place. Even here Kevin sticks out like a sore thumb, a giant 6'3" blue haired thumb.

On the back side of the facade you could go up to a platform and look out the windows. There were coins from around the world on the ledges. I left a penny and a 1 yen coin I had left over from Japan. I also took the time out to roundhouse kick Kevin in the butt. (captured on film by Junko)

The Funniest Video Ever!(~2 mb) - in the back of the church they had an excavated area underneath a glass floor. The humor is in the reaction of many of the Mainland tourists who were freaked out by the concept of a glass floor. Kevin is enjoying himself immensely.

We also went up to the nearby fort to get a birds eye view of the ruins and surrounding area.

In the late afternoon we had to head back to catch our flight back home so we headed back to the docks. Here's the turbo jet boat.

This particular boat was pretty nice inside, had a TV and what not.


Thanks for checking out the pics!