This page is a tribute to the Men of Chinese Full Contact Sparring - San Shou. Much like the famed Women of San Shou, these hunks are more than happy to show of their awesome bodies to promote their ancient art of fighting!

[The Amazing Men of
The Amazing Men of Sanshou, Little Dragon (foreground) and Big Dragon (background) show their stuff for their adoring fans.

[Cooling off in the Sanshou hot tub]
After a hard day of Sanshou fighting, the Men of Sanshou relax in the Hot Tub.

[Men of Southern Style bonding]
Comfortable with their overflowing masculinity, these Southern Style masters aren't afraid to get close, except for that guy on the right, he looks a little freaked out.

[Two Sanshou Hunks at a oceanside photo shoot]
When they're not practicing Sanshou, these two hunks head to the beach for a photo shoot.

Coming Soon:Wushu Patriarchs!

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