Our Mulan Adventure!

by Raffi (6/10/98)

This article unfortunately was lost for good when my ISP's hard drive got erased by hackers in January 1999. In lieu of a complete redo, here's a basic summary and a few of the pictures, I'll try to add the rest of the pictures sometime in the future.

Basically Pat and I happened to be in town when they were doing the Mulan premiere, so we decided to stand outside and see who we could see. Unfortunately it wasn't really an "open" premiere where fans could stand and see the VIPs line up, so we had to kind of push our luck (and the security guard's patience) and see how close we could get and see people.

Basically we saw most of the cast members (or voice actors I guess), including Ming Na Wen, Pat Morita, George Takei, Gedde Watanabe, and B.D. Wong and we also caught a couple of other movie stars there for the premiere, including Will Smith, Sinbad, Anthony Edwards and Mini Driver.

Here's a couple pictures:

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