While my personal opinions on the WKF situation are by no means neutral, I present this information solely as part of the mission of this website to keep the wushu community informed:

This letter was sent to me by the organizer, G. L. Watson:

Recently, the USAWKF Board of Directors retained the services of attorney Charles Jednorski to resolve the issues with ex-president Anthony Goh.

To this end, I have been asked to help coordinate fund raising efforts to pay the expenses incurred in this matter.

Legal services are not inexpensive. It is unfortunate that an organization that has been traditionally struggling for funds must go through the time and expense of this process but all efforts to deal in a reasonable manner with Mr. Goh have failed. The responsibility for the waste (in time and money) lies solely with Mr. Goh.

What we are doing:
Since Daphne Curtis, as the Secretary General Pro Tem of the USAWKF, is shouldering her fair share of the work, I have volunteered to administer solicitations for donations for these legal expenses.

All donations must be made by Check or Money Order made payable to USAWKF.

Any donations of Cash will be returned to the individual making the donation.

This is to keep everything open and suitable for audit. Checks are traceable. Cash is not.

Upon receipt of a donation, I will log the contribution. I will then send an acknowledgement letter to the contributor. Therefore, if you make a contribution and do not receive an acknowledgement, let me know.

On a periodic basis, I will forward the Checks and Money Orders with an accounting to the USAWKF Business office in Pittsburgh, Pa. This money will be deposited to a special USAWKF account at National City Bank in Pittsburgh, and will ONLY be used for legal fees. No money donated for legal fees will go towards any other expenses. When this thing is finally settled, if any money remains, the USAWKF Board will either give it back to the contributors (if possible) or query the contributors for which USAWKF endeavor they would like the donations directed.

The Lawyer Retained:
USAWKF has retained Charles Jednorski of the law firm:

Jednorski and Tralins, P.A.
515 Fairmount Avenue, Suite 600
Towson, MD 21286
(410) 321-8200

Mr. Jednorski is a member of the Maryland Bar specializing in corporate law. He is familiar with Anthony Goh and has handled a case against him in the past. He was recommended to the USAWKF Board by the Maryland Bar referral service. He is not in any other way associated with the USAWKF (he is not someone's student, the father of a student, or in any other way directly connected to the USAWKF Board except on fee for service basis to resolve this dispute.

On June 8th, Mr. Jednorski sent notice to Goh by certified mail. The notice included (among other things) the following information:

"As a result of the actions of a majority of the Board of Directors of the corporation, you have no legal standing to represent yourself as a member, director or officer of said corporation. You may not act on behalf of the corporation; and, any assets, both tangible and intangible, belonging to the corporation and in your possession are to be turned over to a director of the corporation...on or before midnight, Wednesday. June 20, 2001.

Should you elect not to comply with the above directors, I am instructed to file appropriate pleadings in the proper court of law to seek an order inclusive of such directions.

Additionally, should you act in any manner to cause harm or monetary damage to the corporation, relief against you will be sought."

Any donation will be greatly appreciated. Should any individuals or schools wish to band together and do fund raising events and make group donations, all of this is highly acceptable.

The goal of this effort is to resolve this dispute and allow the USAWKF to move forward in its efforts to promote Wushu, Contemporary and Traditional throughout the USA.

Your help is appreciated.

Donations should be mailed to:

Attn: G. L. Watson
USAWKF Legal Contributions
P. O. Box 489
Alief, Tx. 77411-0489

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