Wu Bin's Letter to Anthony Goh of 10/22/01

The following is what I believe to be the best translation of Wu Bin's letter dated 10/22 originally posted on (Click here to view the original Chinese text). It is in response to a letter attacking Wu Bin put on a website by one of Anthony Goh's students in the name of an organization known as the International Coalition for the Betterment Of Wushu. Click here for the original Chinese letter, or click here for the English version (although I should note that the translation is missing a lot). Its attacks closely mirror those made in a letter by Anthony Goh to the International Wushu Federation in May of 2001

In the translation below, I've added comments in brackets in some places to clarify certain phrases, etc. Thanks to Eugene and 'WushuDragon.'

Letter to Mr. Anthony Goh

To Mr. Anthony Goh,

Recently I've had the fortune to read your works on the internet and other 
places, at first I didn't mind, but later on, after you "opened fire" on 
Li Jie and I two or three times I decided to remain silent any longer is 
not polite, I have no alternative - "It is impolite to not reciprocate" [a 
Chinese saying]. I believe when people read the actual facts they will understand 
the situation.

1.  With regard to myself: I'm already 65, in China most people retire at 
age 60, but the leaders in China still encourage me to continue. When I 
actually retired, I will be around 70 years old. Do I really need to run 
to the US to compete for your job [literally your rice bowl - ie livelihood/ 
means of putting food on the table]? In China I am a world class coach, 
my pension is already enough for me to have a happy retirement. I am very 
fortunate to be able to be involved with wushu my entire life. Since graduating 
from the Beijing Physical Education Institution in 1963 with a major in 
Wushu, I have fostered many accomplished students, now they are all over 
the world.  Just the ones in the United States include Li Lian Jie [Jet 
Li], Li Jin-heng, Zhang Guifeng, Zhang Hong-mei, Hao Zhi-hua, Huang Qiu-yan, 
Yu Shao-wen, Zhou Jin-ping etc. They have all helped further develop the 
sport of wushu throughout the world (including in the US). Since the 80's 
I myself have brought teams to the US over 10 times. My students including 
Li Lian Jie [Jet Li], Lu Yan, Cui Ya-hui have all performed for the White 
House and were greeted by President Nixon. These are facts that are known 
to everyone.

There's an old Chinese saying that goes, "Peaches and Plums [ie students] 
all over the world"  For someone who is a wushu coach for all his life, 
the greatest reward is to have so many students that I can be proud of. 
 My greatest joy is the close relationship between me and my students.  
Do you understand any of this?  There are some things in this world that 
is beyond time, space and fame and wealth. When my birthday comes along, 
countless students come from all over the world to wish me a happy birthday. 
Have you ever enjoy this? Wude [martial ethics], in a certain sense, is 
about how living your live ethnically. Those who do not follow this path 
when dealing with wushu can fall onto the path of darkness.  If someone like 
this were to lead a Wushu organization's board of directors, the results 
will not be good in the end.  These words are not directed at you alone, 
this is the lesson that history teaches us, and is the cruel and sad truth.
 Perhaps you do not yet have a thorough knowledge of my background.  It 
so happens that there is a book about me that is being written right now. 
 If you're interested, I'll definitely take your comments when the book 
is completed.

2. Regarding you and Jeff Bolt.  I was introduced to you by Mr. Eric Chen 
[Chen Zhi Zhong] in 1995 at the National Wushu Training Center.  At that 
time, you just became the president of the USAWKF.  We talked about how 
to hold tournaments, and how to choose athletes.  My impression at the time 
was that you didn't seem to be too familiar with this field, and was quite 
open to suggestions.  You now seem to be much different from the way you 
were.  At that time, you also introduced me to Jeff Bolt, we met for no 
more than a minute.  The second time I met him was at the World Taijiquan-Health 
Conference held in Sanya, China this past March.  As far as I know, he wanted 
to inform Mr. Li Jie about some of the USAWKF internal issues.  Considering 
the unity of the US's Wushu community and your relationship, Li Jie intentionally 
avoided him.  Li Jie dispatched someone to recieve him, and tactfully relay 
the policy of not meddling in your "internal affairs".  Since I do not understand 
English, and was appointed the director of the closing ceremony, I did not 
come into contact with him.  I believe there were lots of people from the 
US who made it to Sanya, they didn't know where Jeff Bolt was?  I don't know 
you had such an incredible imagination  to link up Jeff Bolt, Li Jie and 
Wu Bin?  And on what basis do you said Li Jie and I "planned to usurp power, 
seeking a place in the US after retirement".  I really hope you can show 
some hard evidence, instead of pulling lies out of the air [literally - 
to wag your tongue too freely].  There are 2 more Chinese sayings that I 
wish to give to you: "When the body is straight [ie - the moral character 
is upstanding], there is no need to worry about the shadow being crooked"; 
"Those without a guilty conscience need not worry about ghosts knocking 
at the door".

3. May I offer a few words for you.  The International Wushu Federation already 
has about 80 members.  Many members have worked hard and got their country's 
Olympic Committee or Sports Bureau's recognition.  But the US has not.  
Your top priority is to gather and unite the various Wushu organizations 
in the US and get the US Olympic Committee's recognition, instead of internal 
fighting and repelling dissenting voices.  Also, at the World Wushu Games 
the US Wushu Team's placings are in a downward trend.  As the leader, you 
are responsible for leading them out of the slump as soon as possible - 
this is what you're supposed to be working on.

4. Do you still remember the time when you invited the Chinese Wushu team 
over to the US to perform?  According to the agreement, you still own the 
Chinese group US $20,000.  Although you know that this is the money the 
young team member earned in exchange for their sweat and hard work, you 
delayed payment again and again.  Finally, it was Li Jie who, considering 
your plight, and in order to promote wushu, and foster friendly relations 
between the two countries' wushu communities, requested that his superiors 
forgive the money you had promised to pay back.  I hope you didn't forget 
this incident?  There is a saying in China: "The favor of a drop of water 
should be repaid with flowing streams".  And what are you doing today?

The saying goes, "Good advice jars the ears but is good for action, Good 
medicine is bitter but good for curing illness".
 The above is just a little of honest advice from me. Young man, you still 
have a long life ahead of you, I hope you will do what is best.
Also, due to the fact that I don't understand English, if there is someone 
who is willing to translate this to English, I'd be much obliged.
The above does not represent the opinion of the International Wushu Federation,
 or the opinion of the Chinese Wushu Federation.  It is merely my own, personal 

                          Wu Bin

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