Welcome to the random picture page. On this page I'll stick random pictures, sometimes of wushu people, sometimes of random stuff. Look for it to update somewhat frequently (but don't hold your breath!)

At the Xi'an McDonalds - among the 45 Billion satisfied customers, one 2000 year old Terracotta Warrior, who is proud to say: "McDonalds, I'm lovin' it!" in Chinese.

Past Pics

A self-portrait taken on a double-decker bus in Hong Kong. Yeah, I'm the nerd who runs up and sits in the front seat upstairs, and yes, I even put my seatbelt on. (January 2003)

This time a two parter, A sequel to this picture - Eric and I throw it down again on the precipice of North Dome in Yosemite national park. Doh, looks like I'm in trouble... (May 2002): BEFORE and AFTER.

Its a mop, its a baby, its a baby-mop! Just a random picture a friend of mine forwarded me that I thought was worth sharing.

Despite the weather, Beijing Wushu Team Head Coach Wu Bin and I visited the White House in January 2001.

Raffi and his pal Dan in front of the famous ruins of St. Paul's Church on the Island of Macau.

Not exactly a 'random picture' this is an actual ad I found in the Pheonix AZ phonebook. I don't know anything about this school aside from what I've seen in this ad and on their website (see ad for URL), but this ad is pretty damn crazy, so I thought I'd share it with everyone.

Brandon shows Raffi who the real Mulan is, taken at Orlando's Splendid China Park

Another one of Elan - this one is taken by David Cheng at the 2000 Collegiates. Elan is caught in midflight during his jump inside fall during Nanquan.

My buddy Elan busting out an aerial at a Cal Wushu Club demo on Sproul Plaza on the UC Berkeley Campus Spring Semester 2000.

From right to left, thats Elan, Raffi, Brandon and Darth Jimmy waiting in line for the premiere of The Phantom Menace back in May '99. Not pictured: the guy in the Jar Jar Binks costume who was running up and down the line.

Raffi catching air in broadsword at the 2000 Collegiates. Captured midair between the forward and backwards thrusts at the end of the section section of the Compulsory form.

Sherpa and Raffi showshoeing at Echo Lake, near Lake Tahoe, CA, January 1999

Sherpamobile and her owner stop for a photo in scenic Yosemite National Park (and they said she couldn't make it!)

From the archives, this 1995 photo shows Eric Yeh demonstrating a little known move in Nanquan, known as The Rack, on Cal wushu alum Quan Nguyen.

I ran into this John Travolta look alike at the Forbidden City in Beijing. I couldn't resist snapping a picture, as I have always been a big fan of Saturday Night Fever

Brandon demonstrates his ability to manipulate his chi. Notice the golden glow that eminates from his dantian.

The true Sherpamobile! This picture was taken in the middle of a long day helping my friends move in San Francisco. Sherpamobile2000 came in quite handy that day...

Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn't have lasted a second up here. Raffi visits Mono Pass on the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains, July 1998.

He who challenges the power of the Sherpa shall be destroyed!

The day after WKF nationals in the summer of 1998, Brandon demonstrates his eight diagram palm to the tourists outside of the US Capitol in Washington DC.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Eric fell off the cliff and was impaled on the rocks below.

Some Wushu Tough Guys stop to pose for a picture along the Central California Coast, Sept. 1998

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