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The following is a list of wushu web sites. The first section is a list comprised mostly of wushu schools or clubs, but also containing comprehensive informative sites. The second section is for personal homepages of wushu practioners, some of which contain a good deal of information about wushu. If you would like me to add a link to your web site (and its good!), feel free to email me.

Wu Shu Links:

International Wushu Federation - the worldwide governing body of Wushu

USAWKF - USA Wushu Kungfu Federation, the Governing body of Wushu in the US (note - this is the new page for the new leadership of the WKF, they are currently in dispute with the former President over control).

Wu Shu Homepage (in Japanese and English)

Nanchuan Homepage

Hui Li's Chinese Martial Arts Site - Lots of good info. Check it out!

Combastics - Not actually a wushu site. Its a page for "Sport Karate" by Michael Chaturantabut, a NASKA Champion. While I'm not a really big fan of "Sports Karate", this page has a lot of useful information on stretching, training, etc. Check it out.

Wushu People's Homepages
The following are homepages of Wushu practicioners from all over. With the exception of Emilio, all the people are good friends of mine that I've met at least once in person (usually at wushu tournaments):

Mimi Chan's Homepage - Mimi is one of the wushu friends I've made at tournaments, she also is quite talented at traditional wushu and happens to be the daughter of Grandmaster Chan Pui (there might be a correlation between these facts).

Jenny Tang's Homepage - Jenny is the niece of the famous wushu coach He Wei Qi. She's practiced contemporary wushu and taiji since childhood. Her page has lots of pictures of her doing wushu in addition to lots of other interesting stuff. Jenny gives me a lot of help on my Chinese homework over the internet.

Lisa's Generic Wushu Page. Possibly the most valuable wushu web site out there. Lisa scans the web for articles on wushu, and includes translations in English of some. She has special sections for the Beijing Wushu Team and the Vietnam Wushu Team.

Erick Louie Formerly of the UCLA Wushu Team. Erick was my biggest competition for quite a while, but now he has given up wushu for car shows and beauty pagents, so check out his current endeavors instead.

Eric Yeh's Homepage aka The Southern Fist King, Eric's got a good section on the mental anguish imposed on him training in China.

Mark Moran A really good site, lots of videos, photos, etc. Mark also trains in wushu at Berkeley, but from a different Ex-Beijing Wushu Team member from me at a different Finnish Community Center.

Luciano Cassarino - Argentinian Wushu practioner. He is really cool, and his page is pretty good too.

Emilio's Wushu Page Emilio, member of the Spanish Wushu Team. But thus far we've never met, but he is really knowledgable about wushu an has made a good page with lots of information.

The Wushu Way - Michael McCloud out of Arizona, has made this page. Its new, but expanding. He has a lot of photos and coverage of tournaments.


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