Thanksgiving 2003 China/HK trip

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Pics from the rest of the stay in China -

After the Sandawang event there was a 'rave party', featuring singing and dancing acts from some Xiamen night clubs. It was chilly so they lit up some bonfires.

One dancing group was very tantalizing...

The next act on stage was not nearly as tantalizing.

I would take my seat to the old and weak pregnant woman passenger that hold children, but the seats on this particular ferry to Gulang Island are bolted down to the deck.

I snuck a shot in of these soldiers who desecrated the sculpture in honor of Zheng Chenggong (aka Koxinga).People in China are bad about following the rules. :(

Gulang Island definitely has some of my all-time favorite 'bad signs' - this one warns against throwing hammers, rivets and pliers at people below.

Alien Remains?!? Area 51's got nothing on this place!

A cool video!(1.3 mb) - Check out the quality workmanship on this Chinese Lion. Some craftsman had way too much time on his hands, carving a ball out of the same piece of stone as the lion inside the mouth and under the paw of the lion.

Great view from Sunshine Rock on Gulang Island back at the downtown area of Xiamen.

I just had to take a picture with this duck...

...but to my horror I discovered here's a human trapped inside! (does anyone remember the movie The Black Hole

Kevin gets arrested? No, actually my friend Tong Jun, who picked us up and drove us around is a Jiancha, a police anti-corruption investigator.

Before heading back to HK, Kevin stocks up on special sports drinks at a local supermarket. A citizen looks on in amazement.


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