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This page is comprised of current events and goingson in the world of wushu (at least my world which I think is pretty expansive, as far as wushu in America goes). Sections are seperated by the dates they were entered. If you are new to this page, it might be best to start at the bottom and read up section by section. If you are a regular, go straight to the top of the list for the latest info!

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12/13/02 - More on the Tat Mau tournament held this past weekend. Asian Week, my favorite Asian-American news weekly had some coverage on the event in its latest issue:

OK, obviously some of the details are messed up there, but still, nice to see some authentic news paying attention to our sport and not afraid to mention the fact that there are serious problems with the organization and the fact that the USAWKF's 'Nationals' was far inferior in execution and competitor level to the UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Championships hosted by the Cal Wushu Club. (I believe the reporter attended the Berkeley tournament so she had first hand knowledge of what a wushu tournament /should/ look like). :P

12/11/02 - This past Sunday was the USAWKF's meager attempt at hosting a Nationals this year. I have yet to hear a positive review of it I'm afraid. I'd like to know how you can call yourself a governing body of wushu and then host a nationals that doesn't have a regulation size carpet and doesn't even have competition in all the international events. Utterly unexcuseable. But don't take my word for it, read some of the reactions of people who actually paid large amounts of money to participate in the event... Click Here to read the Message Board discussions on the event.

I'm hoping to do a 2002 year-in-review in the next week or two to discuss the developments (and lack of developments) in our sport over the past 12 months... look for that before the end of the year.

12/01/02 - Check this article out -

Meet President Putin's hidden dragons - Russian leader's daughters are learning wushu and Chinese (Straits Times, Singapore)
Full Text of Russian President's Interview with Xinhua (People's Daily)

Thanks to lisa for the link. Maybe Daddy Putin and put in a good word with the IOC? (Which apparently hasn't dropped any sports from their line up, which means that wushu is unlikely to get added for 2008, at least not until after the Athens games). Doh!

11/28/02 - Happy Thanksgiving! I'm taking a break from studying to give everyone a quick news update. First I want to let everyone know about our newest article! Brandon submitted an interesting update on the newest Chinese competition rule changes. click here to read it. This should help people understand the differences they saw on our newest videos - the 2002 China Nationals"... (okay, okay, shameless plug!)

And secondly... lets not forget that right now as we speak the IOC is holding their big meeting in Mexico City. They're expected to decide what sports are going to get cut and what sports if any they're going to add to the games. And yes, that means Wushu! This is the make or break day. Keep your fingers crossed. Most of us of course would love wushu to become an Olympic sport, but other people of course are concerned over the changes that would have to occur to force our sport into the strict confines on Olympic competition.

Here are some links -,1977,5766868,00.html (yes, Golfweb!)

11/18/02 - Sorry for the late update, things are pretty busy for me right now.

First of all on the 9th the Cal Wushu Club hosted the 7th Collegiate Wushu Championships last week! It was a great success, there were over 130 competitors from something like 25 different colleges and universities! The highlight of the competition (of course) was the team competition, there were 10 teams participating, 3 from Stanford, 4 from UC Berkeley, UCLA, Arizona and University of Virginia (yeah to UA and UVa for being first time team competitors!). Virginia Tech, CSU Fullerton and University of Oregon also sent a large number of individual competitors! All Around Championships went to Phil Dang (2nd time in a row!) for the men, Tiffany Reyes for the women, and Ben Tang for internal.

Results (from the totally awesome computerized scoring program written by Cal Wushu's Simon Goldsmith) can be found here:

Also worth noting, I have also put out more VCDs! - I have three volumes ready so far from the 2002 China Nationals, held this past September (thats HOT off the presses as far as wushu videos go!) CLICK HERE to check them out. I'm hoping to have more ready by the end of the year.

Between helping to coordinate for collegiates, competing, my busy, busy academic career, I've been falling behind on updating this site (directory, events list, news even!) My apologies to everyone who's emailed. Please email me again in about a month if I haven't gotten around to your update.

10/9/02 - OK, T minus 1 month til collegiates! Can you feel the excitement building? Lots of great clubs are drilling hard to get their teams in shape, Cal Wushu is hosting and expecting about 40 home team competitors, I know Stanford is going to bring a big crew of course. UCLA, Oregon, Virginia Tech, CSU Fullerton, Arizona, will all be in the house. How about you? Anyone who's in college and does some form of chinese martial arts (traditional, internal, contemporary) can participate!

That said, I have to more pieces of info to share. First, in response to the recent discussions of the problems in Britain with their apparently arbitrary selection of a National Team for the European Championships (brought up first by Da-Wei), which inspired some discussion about the leadership of the British Council of Chinese Martial Arts and preceived unfairness. I also recieved the following response from Barbara Antonioni of "Sanshou UK" -

I've seen the comments posted on this newsboard and thought it might be appropriate to post a reply detailing our position on this issue.

I am Director of San Shou UK. We are an independent fight promotion based in London. We are neither formally affiliated to the BCCMA, nor do we have any wish to supplant the BCCMA as a governing body for the Chinese martial arts in the UK. We are, instead, a group of like minded people committed to supporting San Shou. In fact our company owes its existence to a wide spread belief that the BCCMA had no interest in promoting San Shou, and we came together to fill the gap.

We soon became aware of active hostility, from certain members of the BCCMA, towards our existence. As we had no particular axe to grind, we did make initial approaches to those persons, either to work with us, or at least build some kind of understanding. We were rebuffed at each turn. Rather than continue to pursue the matter, we decided to remain true to our creed of positivity and build the sport from the ground up. That's what we've continued to do for the past three years, funding the promotion with nothing but our own time, money and energy.

Meanwhile, we continued to hear odd murmurings from BCCMA politburo, that an approach for sponsorship had been turned down due to the hostility of one of the aforementioned people who didn't like the idea of introducing professionalism to the martial arts. Imagine our surprise when we saw that one of those people had taken out a full page advert in Britain's number one martial arts magazine offering a #1000 for his own San Shou tournament! What ever his qualities as a martial artist, he showed much less promise as an entrepreneur! For the record, we don't pay prize money, because unfortunately the market isn't yet big enough to sustain it. I understand that the event was cancelled due to lack of willing competitors, so we had thought he had learnt that beggar thy neighbour competition is never in anyone's interest.

Obviously, his interest is not in supporting the sport, but in supporting himself. He and his minions had allowed San Shou to fall by the wayside in the UK. Now they schedule "training" sessions out of calendar to coincide with our events- I'm sure this may be satisfying to their egos, but hardly benefits San Shou or the Chinese Martial Arts.

Just so as everyone knows, we are absolutely undeterred. I don't suffer from the masculinity issues that lead people to behave like this. Competition is one thing, making an ass out of the sport another thing altogether.

Till next time,

Responsible replies are welcome of course. You can email me or post yourself on the message board

Second, a book announcement from our friends at Wahlum Kungfu:

Hello friends in the martial arts!!! I hope this email finds you all in greatest of health and happiest of times.I have the honor of introducing the newly released book:

The Tai Chi World of Suzy Chan - Healing with Faith and Exercise
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Tai Chi is the ancient art form of Chinese exercise developed over three hundred years ago. This exercise program is primarily taught for the amazing health benefits, especially for the mature individuals who may prefer a softer type of exercise program. Tai Chi promotes good circulation, coordination, and good balance, which in turn lead to good posture and better health.

Suzy Chan writes of her survival of cancer and the journey afterwards in the newly released book The Tai Chi World of Suzy Chan. She writes to inspire and instill hope in those who are suffering from a disease, or those who want to benefit both physically and mentally from the ancient art form. She encourages everyone to try both alternatives as well as conventional medicine, as every circumstance is different. The book includes step-by-step photos of the exercises and the Tai Chi form, and also includes an interactive CD-Rom. Enter the Tai Chi World of Suzy Chan, and be inspired by her story.

For more information visit: or email us at

8/28/02 - Quick update (now that I'm back from China, I'm going to try to do more of these) - Last week was Wu Bin's International Invitational Tournament in Beijing, Emilio found some photos:
photos 1
photos 2
photos 3
photos 4
(Basically the text says that there were 27 teams from 14 countries) also had some coverage in Chinese, click here to go to one of the short articles (which has links to a few others).

Also last weekend was the Kungfu magazine anniversary Gala. Editor Gene Ching shared a bit of news about the event on the message board -

...The Benefit Gala took in $20,000 for the Friends of Wushu Committee under the Tiger Claw Foundation. Our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed and participated in the event. And the fundraiser is not over - we are still generating funds with the sale of commemorative items - check out . Professional video was taken of both the afternoon and evening demo by our crew in cooperation with CCTV. CCTV is producing a documentary on the event and us. We will be producing demo videos for all of you (and the Friends of Wushu.)

...Again, my sincere thanks to everyone who came out and donated there time, energy and kungfu to our event. If anyone has any more questions about the Friends of Wushu, the Gala, or the magazine, I administer the forum at our official website at, so I don't have that much time to tune into other forums. Just give me a holler over there. Now lets get Wushu to the Olympics!

I attended the daytime demo, the venue(the parking garage next to the hotel) left a bit to be desired for wushu, but the turnout was pretty good. And of course the evening banquet was the big thing. We have to give TC Media (Kungfu Magazine's publisher) credit, they're the only ones out there doing much in the way of sponsorship and promotion for contemporary wushu and its athletes... now if we could only get them to do less fluff and more serious journalism about our sport, that'd be something! :P

I'm leaving for Orlando and the USWU nationals tomorrow. But I've got a lot to update once I get back. There have been interesting discussions on the message board, I'm going to try to summarize and link to good discussions here next week. (so keep them coming!)

8/22/02 - Sorry for the lack of news updates lately guys, I just got back from a long (1 month +) trip to China. No, it wasn't all wushu. In fact, almost all of it wasn't wushu at all. The reason I went was to attend an academic conference where I was presenting some research. But I did manage to sneak a week training at the Beijing University of Physical Education before returning this week. Why? Because Nationals are next week in Orlando!

I did manage to visit the Beijing Team at ShiChaHai a few times, in fact I even put some video stills online while I was still in China, in case you missed it, Click Here to check them out. I also did a really short video clip while I was on the road, click here to check it out. That's my favorite taiji woman Qiu Huifang busting out the internal and Jian Zengjiao working the staff. (and Du Yuhang and my buddy Morgan in there breifly too).

If I ever get some spare time, i'll try to add some more, ok?

ALSO I'm way late on this, but this Saturday, August 24th, Kungfumagazine is hosting their 10th Anniversary Gala. There's a banquet (which I think has already sold out), and also a big exhibition from some up and coming wushu talent (and apparently 'real shaolin monks' too! The whole thing is aimed at being a fundraiser for the 2008 US Olympic Wushu Team (assuming wushu actually becomes an olympic sport for 2008, which still isn't at all certain). Click here to go to the official site. I'll try to get some photos if I can.

AND last but not least, the 7th Collegiate Championships are schedule for VETERANS DAY WEEKEND, November 9th, at the UC Berkeley Campus. Details are still being formulated. Expect that the rules, format, divisions, etc will be very similar to last february's extremely successful Collegiates hosted by the University of Oregon. click here to go to the official 2002-2003 collegiates website!

[Note, some people have been asking why the date has been moved from February to November. This means that there will actually be two collegiates in the same calendar year (but not the same academic year). There were several reasons the date was moved. First and foremost is that UC Berkeley was the only group that had sufficient experience and resources (and willingness) to host the tournament this year. But Berkeley's spring semester starts very late (usually the last week of january), making it very hard to organize a tournament in time for president's day weekend. Also Berkeley has traditionally hosted their normal Berkeley tournament every April, less then two months after president's day weekend].

6/02/02 - Hmm, something is disturbing my Ninja senses...I feel a presence... its my birthday! :P (ok, lame joke... presence(present)... birthday...get it? Foolish adolecent joke from old 80s Ninja TV show The Master). -- yes its my birthday today, don't ask how old. (the answer is 'too old to still be a college student!) -- just wanted to thank everyone who's emailed or called or posted random pictures on the message board! :P

And the real reason for making this update is:

ZHANG ZIYI PICTURES - I can't say I'm a huge fan, but for whatever reason some people around here are went ape over her milk ad when I put that on the message board. Anyway, last month she made a public appearance here in San Francisco, doing a promotional appearence for Tag Heuer watches at the downtown SF Macy's. I couldn't make it, but luckily our correspondent BuckleDownGirlfriend was able to make it and returned with a few photos(click for larger view):

Also just to let you know, in case you haven't been keeping up, I've updated the video page with a few more old school wushu clips. And also put some clips from the recent UCB Wushu competition's masters' demo on the yahoo group (I'm actually almost done w/ a seperate page just for frame grabs, video clips, links a few stills from that event, if my birthday party doesn't go too long, maybe I'll finish it tonight). ;)

5/18/02 - I hope everyone has recovered from Star Wars Fever, I don't think I'm quite over it yet! Thanks to all the great feedback from everyone over the star wars video, we've maxed out the quota on yahoo groups ever day! I've added it to my Gnuettella directory, so if you use bearshare you can DL it that way too.

A lot of people have been asking What's He Jingde up to? - well, in addition to the special nanquan seminar he's doing on June 8th (see the Wushu Events Listing for more info) he's also guest coaching at Wushu Star. They just asked me to share the following email -

He Jingde is currently guest teaching at Wushu Star and is appreciative of all the groups and new friends who have offered their warm welcome and support. Trunks has generously offered his time and professional skills to personally share the training methods, knowledge of wushu movement, and attitudes it takes to become a professional wushu champion. During his stay in America He Jingde hopes to help as many American martial artists push as rapidly as possible their wushu skills to the next level.

As He Jingde's been a close friend of mine for quite a while, I'll try to keep everyone abreast of any performances or seminars he conducts in the coming months through this news page.

5/15/02 - OK, a lot of great feedback on the Star Wars /Wushu video, so Iknew I just had to get it done in time for the opening of Episode 2 tomorrow (actually we're going to a showing at midnight tonight, can't wait!)

Anyhow, the full video can be found in the beijingwushuteam yahoo group here:

(you will need a yahoo login to download it though, but feel free to unsubscribe yourself from the group once you've finished DLing it if you want). Please take a look and let us know what you think on the message board. Please feel free to pass it along to whoever you think might be interested in it (wushu fans, star wars fans, disco fans...)

5/11/02 - Due to the resounding response to the lightsaber clip, I decided to try some more, here is the second part (along with the original first part). Its about twice as long. I'm planning on getting the third and final part done in time for the openning of Episode 2!

Star Wars Meets Wushu Parts 1 and 2 (mpeg - 4.0mb)

Enjoy! Again, a work in process, I'll probably go back and add flashes and clean up part 1 if I get a chance (like making the red saber actually extend instead of just popping up all at once. ;)

ps - I'm ging to update the events page cause there's some good stuff coming up...

5/08/02 - OK, still pretty busy. my video clips fo rhe masters demos were all ready to go but then my HD crashed... don't worry, I still have hte DV tape, just need to re-digitize.

But in the meanwhile, I know we all have STAR WARS FEVER - as a huge star wars fan my self, I decided to try my hand at mixing my love of wushu with my love of star wars stuff. Here's a little clip I whipped up -

Star Wars meets Real Wushu (mpeg - 2.3mb)

Check it out and let me know what you think on the message board, I'm thinking about doing the rest of that set if there's enough interest.

4/26/02 - Man, been a busy last few weeks. The Berkeley tournament on the 13th was HUGE! 455 competitors, Beijing team members all over the place! it was crazy. I have a bunch of video stills and vid clips from the masters demo I want to put up in the next few weeks... please bear with me!

But on to a more serious, negative note (aka 'the goh report') -

First off, Brandon shared some interesting email he got from Goh's office this week:

And click here to read the original email he sent them that prompted that response:

Sound absurd? How dare a paying member actually ask a question and want a response! Apparently Mr. Coleman feels he has the right to ignore members of our community that he doesn't like. (can you say Blacklist?) If Goh's WKF wants to be our sport's governing body they have to learn that that means they have to accept the people they don't like in addition to the people who they do like (or rather, like them, kiss their asses, give them money, show up at their events, etc). [hmm, is there any relation between Mr. Coleman's admission that the WKF is 'aware' of Brandon's behavior and the fact that he got shafted at Goh's team trials? Think about it...]

And speaking of that...

Sunday will mark the one year anniversary of one of the darkest events in the history of American Wushu. I'm talking of course of Anthony Goh's "team trials" event held in Baltimore on April 28th, 2001.

This 'trials' where stacked against non-pro-Goh athletes from the get go. Only new compulsories could be used to compete even though the world games had no such requirement. An All-around scoring method was to be used, despite the fact that world games has no such scoring method.

The person who created the selection criterion, organized the event, invited the judges and served as one of the most important judges /ALSO/ happened to be coach of about 2/3 of the athletes participating in that event.

Is it any coincidence that 6 out of 8 of the members of the team "selected" by this event happened to be students of this very same coach?

The dust has settled and it has only become more and more clear what a shame this whole event was. No scores EVER posted for the public, no video tapes released... and let's not forget what happened to athletes who tried to video tape the event themselves... they were threatened with expulsion from the trial.

[Sorry if I sound like a broken record, but i ain't going to let this drop, people need to be continously reminded of how Mr. Goh is reeming the US Wushu Community, and even if it takes me 50 more petitions to do it, I'm not going to drop it].

And here we are a year later, a joke of a world games later, a joke of a 'US team olympics demo' later... has Goh gotten any better? No, now that it seems like legal action against him won't be forthcoming, he's even more intransigent then ever. His lackeys even all but admiting that athletes who raise questions about emperor Goh are being blacklisted for having temerity to 'abuse' the internet to express their minds. Hmmm, maybe Operation Enduring Freedom should forget about Iraq and instead look at the Taliban-like behavior coming out of Baltimore?

4/03/02 - damn, I've been pretty remiss in updating this news page, haven't I? well things were busy last month! If you didn't notice I actually managed to turn out all 4 chapters of my China Trip 2002 within 4 weeks! Check it out if you haven't already. I think the addition of short webclips really makes the impression of the kind of cool stuff I saw on the trip.

Another thing I did since I last wrote here was finish the final two All China Games VCDs! Taiji and Sparring Set divisions! (yes, thats what I spent my spring break doing!) Go to the All China Games VCDs page to check out the info, including framegrabs and the Trailers for the two new discs, in addition to the 4 previous ones. People have really like the trailers, check them out, I had a lot of fun creating them. For those of you attending the upcoming UC Berkeley Wushu tournament on April 13th, I will be there selling the discs, so if you don't want to use paypal and the mail to get them, this will be your chance to get instant gratification. Please bring cash though!

And yes, that brings us to the UC Berkeley tournament. As I've forwarded over the message board (I suggest you check their for the latest news/goings on) - There will be a plethora of special visitors in the house that day. First and foremost will be Wu Bin, former coach of the Beijing Wushu Team, (current IWuF Technical Committee Chairman, Former coach of Jet Li, etc etc). In addition he is bringing some Chinese wushu VIPs, including Beijing Team member Jian Zeng Jiao (got silver in Broadsword/Staff at the 9th All China Games, btw). Liu Qinghua, recently retired wushu superstar extraordinare is supposed to make it too, but she apparently is having visa trouble, so there is still some question as to whether she can make it. (keep your fingers crossed).

Also straight from China, my good friend He Jingde, also recently retired Beijing Wushu Team athlete He Jingde will be attending, demoing and yes, even conducting seminars the following day. Cal Wushu has just released some info on it:

He Jing De will be holding seminars, held on April 14th in conjunction with the 10th Annual UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament. The seminars will be held in the Combatives rooms, which is located in the Recreational Sports Facility. $25 for one seminar, $40 for both, free for paid Cal Wushu students.

12:30 - 2:30 - Nanquan
3:00 - 5:00 - Broadsword (please bring your own broadsword)

And I should also note that Zhuang Hui, several time wushu champ of China and now coach of the National Martial Arts Academy in Albuquerque, NM will also be judging and demoing. If we're lucky maybe she will demo her famous double straightswords (actually the set she performs was actually taken from my coach, former double straightsword champion, Beijing Team member Zhang Hong Mei).

I can't hardly wait! The competition looks to be good, there are a couple East Coasters coming out as well as some good talent from the rest of the country. Check it out. If you're going to compete you need to register right away though, there's no at door registration. Go to the tournament website to register (although it looks like they're having some technical difficulties right now).

PS - in case you were worried where my anti-goh rant of the day was, there is plenty to rant about, but I'm busy so you'll just have to wait a week or two for me to memorialize his latest slap in the face against the wushu athletes of the US. :P

02/26/02 - First off, let me acknowledge the great job the University of Oregon Wushu Club did in hosting Collegiates last weekend. The turn out was great too, 10 teams, eclipsing all previous years by far! The team competition was tough, but the veteran team of UC Berkeley's team Oski managed to come out on top (despite Peter Wolf's best effors to beat us!). UC Berkeley had four teams competing, Stanford had three, University of Oregon, UCLA and UC Davis each had one team entered in the team competition. Other large presences included University of Washington, University of Arizona and University of Maryland (which is the first time an east coast school represented in force!).

Full results (with a few spelling mistakes) are here. Much props to Ava 'The Canadian Sensation" Choy and Phillip 'All-Around' Dang for taking the Womens and Mens All-Arounds. Also Peter Wolf for getting the 'Outstanding Internal Competitor' Award. As one of the founders of the collegiates, it was really satisfying to see the tournament handled so well and taken to the next level.

Now from a positive note to a negative one, a very, very negative one. Mr. Anthony Goh, has been up to more monkey business with his personal incarnation of the USAWKF again. First let me remind everyone about the fundraising scam he pulled for the so-called "US Wushu Team" performance at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics (see the previous entry). All reports have it that very few of the people performing were actual members of any US Team, his or anyone else's. Furthermore members of his version of the US Team were not invited perform, despite the fact that money was being collected in their name. Sounds like dishonest business practices to me! Someone want to call 'Eyewitness News' on this guy?

Secondly, he's getting even more blatantly shifty, check out these two news releases from his website, Feb. 9, 2002 Notice of Special Meeting for USAWKF Members and Feb. 26, 2002 Notice of Additional Meeting for USAWKF Members. So just to summarize, Mr. Goh calls a meeting with only two weeks notice, and miraculously discovers that thats not enough time for enough people to attend, so there's not a quorum! So what do you do? You call another meeting, also with an absurdly short amount of warning, and you also pull some citation of Maryland law out of your ass that says no matter how few people show up, the votes there will count! But the fact that Mr. Goh cited this law in his first announcement shows us that he already knew he probably wouldn't get enough people the first time, so he could call the second meeting and not care about how few people come. Sounds like good business practice from a fair and just president to you? No, I didn't think so. Does Mr. Goh have a good justification for the absurd lack of prior warning on these meetings? (if so, I welcome an email explaining it, or you can put it on your own website, Mr. Goh). And how about explaining why you never bothered to call any other meetings for the benefit of the members in the past? (or am I wrong? please tell me when).

Shady! And this is the character that wants to lead US Wushu to the Olympics? I hope you're as outraged as I am. If you live anywhere near Baltimore, I encourage you to go to his meeting and represent the true majority of the wushu community who doesn't buy this bull. (again, someone please email me to point out where I'm wrong?)

02/12/02 - I wanted to pass along some news that might be interesting to some of us:
performance group of San Francisco will hold auditions for upcoming
performances in the Bay Area. Capacitor is seeking male and female
performers with strong skills in either gymnastics or a martial arts form
(wushu, kung fu, tae kwon-do, capoeria, etc). Dance training a plus.

Rehearsals will begin March 2002 with performances in
April, May and June and Fall 2002.
6-month commitment with possible touring
opportunities. Capacitor offers paid rehearsals and

Please email Rebecca Johnson at: - or - call (415) 820-4860
include a current resume in your email and photo if
I've never seen their performances, but I've heard they're very worth seeing. Their website is

Also its been reported that Anthony Goh has organized a wushu demo at the Winter Olympics. Details are quite sketchy, but it was apparently scheduled for today. Read the Original announcement here. While it is disheartening to even contemplate Anthony Goh and his cabal getting anywhere near the Olympics, it is good to see wushu promoted to a wider audience, this could possibly even help for Olympic Wushu in 2008. BUT what really annoys me (and unfortunately, I am really easily annoyed at times), is the fact that Mr. Goh is using the term 'US Wushu Team', despite the fact that the group that is performing is not the US Wushu Team (his unfairly selected version or the other, fairly selected version). By his own statement "we will send members of the US Team, as well as a few supporting members" -- I find this unacceptable, there are US athletes who worked hard to try out for the US Team, and have made the B or C team, despite the fact that Anthony Goh's trials held in Baltimore were a travesty of justice (refer to the numerous conversations ad nauseum about this on the message board or email me for the concise version for more details).

These B and C team members were NOT given the opportunity to respresent their art and their country, while non-team members were? This is unacceptable, especially when you look at the reason WHY Mr. Goh is labeling this group the US Wushu Team --- I'm talking about his other announcement - Sponsorship Package for US Wushu Team - so now he's using the US Team name to solicit funds for non-team members to perform in the place of team members who haven't even been asked to perform. And let me also mention that in ALL the proceeding World Games before 2001, Mr. Goh never bothered to sponsor any costs of athletes actually going to compete. And I like this gem here... "When appropriate, we can also offer commission for those who can help us in soliciting sponsorships. " -- when is that appropriate?

Ok enough ranting. Let's try to be positive, the Collegiates are this weekend, I hope to see you all there, I'll be putting my ass on the line and proving to everyone that my skill is as poor as I've been alluding to all these years -- but its all worth it, Collegiates is a fun competition organized BY wushu practicioners FOR wushu pracitioners, not personal fame or power.... don't you wish they were all like that?

Oh and last but not least, thanks to everyone who ordered the compulsory books, you should have gotten them by now I hope, sales were quite brisk. You guys have brought me that much closer to affording the much needed DV camera I've been saving up for... so I can finally return Brandon his! :P

02/02/02 - OK a couple big updates to the site. First of all, I want to share a new addition to my 'Famous picture page' - I met Jackie Chan when I was in Hong Kong last month! Click here to go directly to the picture. Jackie was really cool and it was a big deal for me to meet him since I'm a huge fan of his work. (Aren't we all?)

OK, second big announcement. Last time I was in China I was able to get my hands on some of the New International Compulsory Instructional Books(Sorry, sold out already!). After all my friends, relatives and classmates got their hands on them, I've still got a few sets left. So I'm using the infrastructure I set up for the All China Games VCDs to sell them off. The price is $35, which I feel is a fair price considering the quality of the five volumes, and the fact that they're not available anywhere else outside of China and last but not least, the fact that I personally carried the box across the border on my back!

Last but not least, I wanted to share a few pictures from my last trip to China:
Me in front of the Elephant Nose Rock in Guilin
In the Small Three Gorges, in front of the entrance to the Small, Small Three gorges

I've been doing a lot of framegrabs from my video tape and hopefully I'll grab a few vid clips. Once I get everything together I'll put it up here. But don't hold your breath, I've got a lot on my plate. Don't forget that collegiates is only two weeks away! It looks like it'll be a really good competition. See you there?

1/30/02 - Happy New Year everyone. Sorry for being MIA on the news page here, but as many of you know, I took a few weeks off to go back to China again. It was another great trip, heavy on the sightseeing, not so heavy on the wushu (not enough hours in the day... plus that thing about school forcing me to cut my trip shorter then I wanted).

I'm pretty busy right now, but slowly but surely I'll be sticking stuff up here from my trip. And last but not least, the IWUF has a new bulletin on their website. You've got 24 hours to put in your bid for the 2003 world games, hurry up!

12/14/01 - Doh, lost the last update (again!) to this page, and been too busy to fix it, but don't fret, the semester ended today and I'm looking forward to some quality website time in the next week or two. One thing I should pass along is the fact that the USAWKF.COM website has results (full, complete, awesome results) posted for the public. Mucho props to Daphne and Vince Curtis for their awesome work with that and the rest of the tournament.

Also want to let everyone know that my pal Kong Xiangdong of Beijing wushu team fame (and/or Taiji champion of China!) is currently visiting the US and teaching in San Diego, CA, check out the info here -

Last but not least, I've finished editing the third and fourth volumes of my All China Games VCDs. Check them out, I think you'll like it, the response for Volumes 1 and 2 has been very positive. I've also added a new trailer for the straightsword/spear disc. Check it out here -

11/15/01 - OK, Nationals is this weekend, and we're all getting ready for that, but I also wanted to let everyone know about the VCDs that I've been talking about for the past month or two. All the info you need is right here.

See you all at Nationals! If anoyone has net access down there, please post results on the message board, I probably won't get back online til monday night!

So just to give you something cool to read while I'm gone, here's something from I translated:

"Jacque Rogge watches Wushu practice," interview with Beijing Wushu Team leader Wu Bin (11/10/01)

The Beijing Wushu website ( editor recently collected the many letters from foreign friends recieved recently. To understand trends in Chinese Wushu, the reporter tonight conducted a telephone interview with Mr. Wu Bin.

Recently Mr. Wu Bin just came back from Armenia to accept the invitation of Chinese Wushu Association Chairman Li Jie and Vice Chairman Yan Jianchang (who just took the position of International Federation Secretary), still hasn't had time to rest, he went directly to Guangzhou to attend a wushu training job, at the same time 20 national wushu coaches and outstanding athletes went to Guangzhou. The Chinese Wushu Association leaders will accompany the International Olympic Committee president Jacque Rogge to watch this Wushu practice.

The author interviewed Wu Bin by phone. When Wu Bin was contacted by phone, he just came back from the training center and was quite busy, but he agreed to be interview. From that side of the connection, his voice was still strong and clear: "Currently, I'm in Guangzhou to attend the Chinese Wushu Association planning wushu training, also an International Olympic Committee also will inspect this wushu training session. This has such major significance to Wushu getting into the Olympics, so I haven't paid attention to anything else, after I'm done with this event I will return to Beijing, where I still have a lot of work to do..."

Learning of the event, the International Olympic Committee head Jacque Rogge will also attend the 9th All China Games opening ceremonies. He will particularly pay attention to this event's wushu demonstration. Athletes attending the Wushu demonstration have just returned from the World Wushu Games as champions, also there are top athletes from different areas. The Chinese Wushu Association president Li Jie and the newly appointed International Wushu Federation Secretary and Chinese Wushu Association vice president Yan Jianchang will also attend the opening ceremonies. After this event, the Chinese Wushu Association leaders will also accompany International Olympic Committee officials to watch the Chinese Wushu practice.

In viewing this news, the interviewer understands many things now, Mr. Li Jie is still taking charge of important work for the Chinese Wushu Association. At the same time, the Chinese Wushu Association leaders are united, to realize wushu entering in the Olympics they are working hard!

More articles on the Opening of the All China Games:

Nice to know the people in China are working on that whole Olympics thing! :)

And in case you were wondering why the Wushu part of the All China games were two months before the Opening Ceremonies. The wushu events were moved up to August so as to not conflict with the World Wushu Games which as we all know were two weeks ago (although originally supposed to be in October).

[Once the official results for the World Games are posted, I'll put a link (sorry, I didn't have time to compile everything this time!)]

10/19/01 - Ack! Last week our server got taken out in a power failure and we lost some of the updates from the past few months. Don't worry, I reuploaded the All China Games pics and articles. And I'll re-update the East Asian Games page as soon as I get a free second.

One reason I'm so busy lately is because I've been editing my videos from the All China Games last august. Since there has been a lot of interest in getting copies from people all over the place, I figured the easiest way for me to do it would be to input it n the computer and make a VCD. Not that hard to to actually. So I'm about 1/2 way through the Changquan (men's and women's, compulsory and individual), I'm hoping to have a final edit done by Nationals. I can also mail them out, I'll have more info in the coming weeks as I get more editing done!

In the meanwhile, enjoy this little test I did (just to test my editing software) - Sparring Set clip (AVI format - 4.8 Mb).

And while you're in the downloading, download this clip I did of Kong Xiangdong competing in the Men's Taijiquan division - Click here to download it (MPG format - 5.3 Mb).

Click here to read the article on the controversy around the incident on the All China Games page.

7/30/01 - OK, a quick but important announcement, I just want everyone to know that I'll be travelling again in August, so don't be surprised if there's not much in the way of updates out of me for about a month. I'm pretty busy before I go but hopefully I'll get a chance to put up a few more things before I leave.

Everyone be sure to be on your best behavior, I'll try to check in once in a while, and I'll also be leaving the keys in the hands of some trusted friends so they can erase and delete as needed.

7/05/01 - I just added a new article, this one summarizing the (below) results and links from the East Asian Games, as well as the translation of an interesting article - an interview about the competition with Wu Bin. Check it out - Click here to read it.

* Don't forget that Kiss of the Dragon opens tomorrow. Some interviews with Jet can be found here:

* Also, the Canadian Wushu Team Trials were last weekend. A good bit of discussion over the results and the judging. Here's what I've got as far as results:

Female--------- Barehand Long Weapon Short Weapon All Round Amy Wong----- 9.23------- 9.25------- 9.21 ------- 27.69 Katrina Leung- 9.26------ 9.15 ------- 9.23 ------- 27.64 Cindy Luo------ 9.08 ------- 8.68 ------- 9.20 ------- 26.96 Ava Choy------- 8.70 ------- 9.01 ------- 9.11 ------- 26.82 Carmen Lau--- 8.71------- 9.05 ------- 9.06 ------- 26.82 Catherine Luk- 8.71------- 8.90 ------- 9.11------- 26.72 Wei Hsin Lee-- 8.76------- 8.91 ------- 8.73 ------- 26.40 Hayley Ng------- 8.73 ------- 8.91 ------- 8.73 ------- 26.37 Male Alan Tang ------- 9.33 ------- 9.30 ------- 9.33 ------- 27.96 Marvin Wong ------- 9.31 ------- 9.25 ------- 9.31 ------- 27.87 Sam Li ------- 9.23 ------- 9.18------- 9.20 ------- 27.61 Kit Poon ------- 9.13 ------- 9.11------- 9.28 ------- 27.52 Chris Chin ------- 9.23 ------- 9.08 ------- 9.20 ------- 27.51 Doug Chin ------- 9.31 ------- 8.80 ------- 9.35 ------- 27.46 Nathan Lam------- 8.88 ------- 9.13------- 9.10 ------- 27.11 Rick Sue ------- 9.11 ------- 8.81------- 9.10 ------- 27.02
According to Alan Tang, full results and video clips from the competition will be added to shortly. To briefly elaborate, some people feel this competition had a good amount of 'Baltimore-ness' to it...(and read the entries below for some discussion on what /that/ means)

* Last but not least, a friend of mine who surfs the net too much brought this to my attention - Famous pin-up model and aspiring actress Sunghi Li apparently has started training in our favorite art. According to the news page on her website, she's taken up classes. Here are the pertinent blurbs:

"As you already know, I have been taking martial arts lessons so that I can do more of my own fight scenes for film and TV. Well, I have begun my wushu classes just for that reason. Wushu is a form of Kung Fu that is used by Jet Li and Jacky Chan. They used it for Crouching Tiger as well as for Charlie's Angels. It's becoming increasingly popular in the films and I thought it's one more thing that will help me with my work. Besides, it's a great workout. I am so sore from my first class that I can barely touch my toes! There is a lot of stretching involved so that in itself should be great for me. I need it! I have definitely lost a lot of flexibility in the last 6-7 years. Anyway, I really enjoy it. I have so much to learn but it's fun and I thoroughly enjoy it."
So in other words, she's jumping on the bandwagon! Sorry toots, the wushu world is already full of beautiful ladies, no room for you! (Hey! stop snickering, I'm serious!) -- no, no, I'm just joking around, the bandwagon welcomes all. Anyone know who's she's training with? Probably private lessons with Eric Chen or Qiu Ming?

On a serious note, her news page also mentions that she was recently injured in a bizarre softball accident and broke some of the bone around her eye. So I hope she resumes her wushu training after she recovers. [due to the adult content, I'm not going to give a link to her page, gotta keep things PG-13 around here!]

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