1998 Beijing Wushu Team

The Beijing Team posing in front of the Hard Rock Cafe outside of Universal Studios

The alternate title of this page could be "Why my lab partner wanted to murder me all Spring long." That's because I had the unique opportunity to spend a good deal of time on several occasions (a record four trips down to LA, second only to Patrick's six) with the Beijing Wushu Team between February and April 1998. Click here to see pictures from their 1995 visit (there are more pictures of their performance on that page, if you just want to see wushu in action). This time I wanted to present their visit a little differently than I did their 95 shows. I want to show some of the "behind the scenes" fun that we had (that and most of my pictures of the performance came out really badly!)

Because of the incredible number of great shots and text I wanted to throw up here, I decided to split things up chronologically into three groups:

February/March visits - Photos taken during the Beijing Team's first two months in the US.

Performance - Photos taken during and after the Beijing Team's April 4th, 1998 performance in Culver City, CA.

Universal Studios Trip - After the performance we all went to Universal Studios, resulting in lots of fun and lots of photos.

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