Wushu Notes

12/06/00 - I'm getting on a plane to Hong Kong in about 3 hours but I wanted to take a second to let everyone know I'll be out of regular contact for the next few weeks. But even in my absence we should have an update on Collegiates (february 17th, 2001, btw!) up soon. We'll have the rules and reg form available here. Be sure to check back soon if its not up by the time you're reading this.
11/16/00 - Sorry, been pretty busy lately. Here's something I wanted to share. Its an announcement from the Cal State Fullerton Wushu Club about their upcoming semester:
Dear Students,

Starting next semester, there will be an exciting, new class. It will be
worth one unit. The class is Wushu: Chinese Martial Arts. This is the
first one unit wushu class to ever be offered in California.

Wushu is a contemporary form of martial art and will be part of the
Olympics in the year 2004. All you have to do is register to experience
the national sport of China.

KNES 153 Chinese Martial Arts
17575 MW 10:00-10:50
1 unit class

Thank you for you time,
Phillip Chen

For more information:
Contact Professor Dapeng Chen at (714)278-2514
or me, Phillip Chen at    

Wushu is reaching the next level! Congrats to the Fullerton club. Don't forget that they are hosting the next Collegiates this coming February. More info on that will be coming soon too, so check back soon.
11/07/00 - Sorry for not giving these earlier, things have been pretty hectic for me lately (as usual), anyway, some more asian wushu games results for you -
Men's Results: Changquan: 1. Sun Chunhe (China) 2. Leo Wen Yeow (Singapore) 3. Chan Dae Park (S. Korea) 24 Taiji (50+): 1. Puan Jooi Eong (Singapore) Nangun 1. Tran Trong Tuan (VN) 2. Chen Ka Ho (HK) 3. Kim Tong-tea (S. Korea) Nandao 1. ?? 2. Truong Quoc Tri (Vietnam) Taiji (42?) 1. Zou Yunjian (China) Women's Results : Straightsword: 1.Chung Tao Lan (Macao) (Both China & Vietnam did not compete in this event) Changquan 1. Wang Xiaona (China) 9.31 2. Nguyen Thuy Hien (Vietnam) 9.3 3. Dam Thanh Xuan (Vietnam Nangun 1. Nguyen Thi Phuong Lan (Vietnam) 2. Than Sweswe (Myanmar) 3. Tsang Angie (HK)
Some links -

Thuy Hien doing Broadsword

Some podium pictures from the second day

And on an unrelated note, check this out -

11/02/00 - More Asian Wushu Games results and pics for you. Thanks to my irreplaceble sources -
Men's - 
Longfist Champion:  China's Sun Chunhe (Tianjin, 24yrs old)
Southern Staff Champion:  China's Chen Shuaibo

Women's - 
Broadsword 	1: Nguyen Thuy Hien (Vietnam)
		2: Wang Xiao Na (China)	
		3: Dam Thanh Xuan (Vietnam)

Nanquan 	1) Huang
Chunni (China) 
		2) Thi Phuong Lan (Vietnam)
		3) ??? (HK)
Straightsword champion was Macau's Zhong Xiulan  
And here are some links to check out -

Openning Ceremonies - - (in Vietnamese)

Results, etc - - (in English) - (in English) - (in Chinese)

Yes, that is a shocker - Wang Xiao Na got beaten in Broadsword! This maybe be the first time a professional athlete from China has ever been beaten by a non-Chinese athlete. Hopefully we'll be able to get more info on this division to find out how this happened (ie did Wang Xiao Na make any mistakes?). I hope to get more results in the next few days too.

11/01/00 - Well for some reason, I happen to be up at 3am, so I thought I'd use this time to update the news page a little. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been pretty busy the last few weeks, and to be honest, there hasn't been all that much news.

The Asian Wushu Games are going on right now in Hanoi, Lisa found this picture from the People's Daily - Straightsword pose - People's Daily (10/31/00)

Also my good friend Kong Xiangdong is the featured athlete of the week at, click here to view a brief bio in Chinese and photo (scroll down about 1/2 way). Or you can skip to some nice photos of him at the World Games last November, where he took gold in taiji sword.

Anyway, hopefully I'll have results from the Asian Wushu Championships in English in the coming days, and I'll pass it along.

10/10/00 - Here are more results from this past weekend's WKF Nationals -

Men's -

1) Justin Ho
2) David Chang 
3) Matt Nguyen

1) Arthur Chen
2) Wood Wong
3) Lam Nguyen

Phillip Chen got firsts in Nan Dao, Nan Gun and Open Flexible Weapon.

Women's -

1) Felicia Sze
2) Mae Hsu

Open Emptyhand:  
1) Felicia (eagle)
2) Rosa huang (mantis)

Men's Internal Grandchamp:  Duc Dong (previously of irvine, now in
Men's Traditional Grandchamp:  Danial Tomizaki from Tat Mau Wong's school
Men's Contemporary Grandchamp: Arthur Chen (Stanford Wushu Club)
Women's Contemporary Grandchamp: Mae Hsu (Pacific Wushu Academy)

Recall that the Grand Championship is the sum of places, and in the case of people having the same places (in this case Arthur Chen vs Phillip Chen (no relation)), they apparently give it to the person who has the higher scores. Congrats to all, this event while not perfect (when is anything perfect?) was a success and seems to be a major step forward in the WKF overcoming its leadership problems from this past year.
10/8/00 - I was able to get some results from the first day of the WKF Nationals being held in San Diego, CA this weekend. These results are not guaranteed to be complete or correct -
Men's -

	1. Arthur Chen
	2. Justin Ho
	3. David Chang

	1. Phillip Chen
	2. Mark Moran
	3. Joe Scarcella
	4. Hui Nguyen

	1. Arthur Chen
	2. Joe Scarcella

	1. Woody Wong
	2. David Chang
	3. Brandon Sugiyama
	4. Justin Ho

42 Taijiquan
	1. Brandon Sugiyama

42 Taiji Sword
	1. Brandon Sugiyama

Open Internal Emptyhand
	1. Brandon Sugiyama

Women's -

	1. Mae Hsu
	2. Felicia Sze

	1. Felicia Sze

	1. Mae Hsu
From my reports the tournament is very organized, although the carpeting hasn't been well recieved by some of the competitors. There appear to be about 200 competitors, which is a good number considering that this event doesn't have seperate skill level divisions.

And yes, you read the results for spear right, Woody Wong is back in the ring and based on the results, apparently he hasn't lost his touch. Also from what I've heard, it sounds like a lot of well known names in our community are present for this event, some of whom haven't gone near a WKF event in years. It looks like the new leadership of the WKF is doing a good job fixing the problems of the past. Some of the people present include Chan Pui, Lily Lau, Tai Yim, Eric Chen, Li Jinheng and He Weiqi.

The short weapons, southern weapons and rest of the open divisions will be held tomorrow. At this point for the Grand Championships it appears that the Men's Contemporary Grand Champion is between Phillip Chen, Brandon Sugiyama and Arthur Chen. It looks like the Women's is between Mae Hsu and Felicia Sze.

I'll have more results by Sunday night, hopefully I'll get them up that night! Good Luck to everyone on the second day.

10/4/00 - You want videos of the new compulsories? Lisa forwarded me the link just put up by the IWUF at They're selling the official videos of the compulsories now. Click here to read it.

(Thanks again to Lisa!)

San Diego is this weekend, hope everyone going has a good time, unfortunately I am not able to make it, but I'm sure it will be a really good event. Good luck!

9/22/00 - Thanks to the several people who let me know of the current location of the NBC video (and now... ARTICLE!) on the Chinese Athletics School System that features the Beijing Wushu Team (see below). Click here to check it out:

9/20/00 - Did you happen to watch NBC News last night (tuesday)? They had a special on athletics in China, featuring some footage shot at everyone's favorite Chinese sports school, ShiShaHai, home of the Beijing Wushu Team. It featured a clip from the wushu guan, and even had a quote from Men's Team coach Lu Jinming.

I'm not sure how long this clip will stay up, and I haven't figured out how to link to it directly yet, so hopefully you guys will look at this soon. Click on this link -, THEN click on the link titled - Training begins early for Chinese gymnasts under Nightly News with Tom Brokaw

Did you find it? At least some of those shots are from ShiShaHai. Here's a picture I took there last summer that I have on my photoessay on that trip. But also, I have some previously unreleased pictures that my friend Mike Hsu took for me and later scanned in for me, they are pretty cool and feature our friends on the gymnastics team -

Some of the girls in front of their training center
Me and Mike's girlfriend with the girls next to the track

Mark also has a "virtual tour" of the facility on, you can go there directly by clicking here -

9/19/00 - An interesting article on Qigong in China -

China Issues New Rules on Practicing Qigong - People's Daily (9/19/00)

Hope everyone's getting ready for San Diego, it looks like its going to be a good competition. Unfortunately it looks like I will be /unable/ to attend, due to circumstances beyond my control. ;) But don't worry, we'll have total coverage!

9/7/00 - A few quick links on Olympics News -

Wannabe sports queue up for Olympic recognition - Times of India (9/3/00) - Featuring a quote from none other than our dear friend Liu Qinghua!
China gives up gold to save 2008 Games bid - On the Chinese olympic bid for 2008.

I've got some pictures scanned in from the Beijing Invitational Tournament, hopefully I'll get a chance to write up the HTML for it tomorrow or friday. Also my pictures from AZ get back tomorrow, can't wait, can you?

9/5/00 - Got back from Li Jinheng's tournament in Pheonix yesterday, but I'm backlogged with homework so I can only give you guys a brief rundown right now -

It was a really fun, really well represented tournament. There were about 200 competitors, about 3 times bigger than last year's. Some of the schools represented were SCWA, Wushu West, US Wushu Academy, Guo Jianhua's school out of Chicago, Zhuang Hui's National Martial Arts Academy in NM, Pacific Wushu Academy and the UC Berkeley Wushu Club.

Competition was pretty fierce in most of the categories. Brandon Sugiyama got the Men's Internal Grand Champ, Felicia Sze and David Chang won the adult contemporary grand champs.

I had a really good time seeing everyone there, I saw a lot of old friends again and made some new ones. In the process I took like 3 rolls of film, which I hope to get developed soon. Also Li Jinheng promised to get me a copy of the results to put up too (which would be awesome). In the meanwhile, Shaun, one of the SCWA guys has some photos up already, they're at:

If you haven't decided yet, I strongly encourage everyone to think about the WKF nationals in San Diego next month!

8/22/00 - Two things - first wanted to let you all know about the article I just put up. Its a brief history of Collegiate Wushu. Lots of facts are missing, so if you have any additional info that you want to share, please email me.

Also Zhihao has helped us with (roughly) translating the 1936 Olympic Wushu Demo paragraph (see below) -

Martial Arts Promoted Abroad

Martial Arts in the past has been taken to other countries. By means of overseas Chinese and exchange students during the Republic of China. Many martial arts teams have gone abroad to perform and teach such as; Shanghai Jingwu assoc. and Fujian Yongchun "Minnan marial arts group" and other groups as well. At that time groups with the biggest influence were the Central Martial Arts group and the National Athletics School.

June 6th 1936 selected matrial arts athletes accompanied the Chinese Olympic team to the 11th World Olympics in Germany to put on a demonstration. They were Zhang Er-ding, Zhang Wen-guang, Wen Jing-ming, Jin Shi-sheng, Zheng Huai-xian, Huo Lian-yuan(female), Fu Shu-yun (female), Liu Yu-hua(female), NanKai Universities Martial Arts team Coach Hao Ming and team captain and Gu Shun-hua as the teams affairs manager.

Thanks Zhihao!
8/18/00 - Recently on the Message Board, we've been discussing the Wushu demonstration team sent by China to the 1936 Olympics. Our friend from Spain, Emilio was able to track down some photos of the group. Check them out -

1. Paragraph - In Chinese with some background info. Does anyone want to help translate? My jiantizi ain't so great.
2. Group pic
3. Chi-Na demonstration

Thanks to Emilio! By the way, I have the first part of my Collegiate Wushu Extravaganza almost done, and I've already started on the next part. I'll be posting stuff up this weekend.

8/11/00 - Two quick notes - has more results from the Beijing Tournament this week, mostly in chinese, but there are some articles in English.

Secondly, I just heard from my friend Jenny Tang that the famous He Weiqi (athlete and coach in China since the 70s, lives in NY now) will be featured on ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings on Friday night. (check local listings for time and channel).

Also the CAAT is this weekend, I'll try to snap some pictures of the competition to share.

8/08/00 - Results from the tournament in Beijing are available on There are only in Chinese right now, check out the photos and results though, the results are in both English and Chinese, they can be accessed directly at, as right now, the results aren't all there, just the ones from the first day of competition.

They have added an English section, its at, There aren't any results there yet, but there are some articles on the competition and participants. There is also a list of the teams in attendance (3 from the US, Lily Lau Kungfu Academy, US Wushu Academy and the Pacific Wushu Academy (my classmates)). Check it out. Hopefully there'll be more info soon, so check back.

8/06/00 - Lisa has come through for us again. She forwareded me the following link to the CCTV (thats Chinese Central Television) website. They have an article on the Wushu festival in Baltimore going on this weekend. (Should be over by the time you read this). Anyway, its in Chinese -

Baltimore International Wushu Competition Opens - CCTV (8/6/00) (in Chinese)

8/04/00 - A quick link - here are some pictures and results from the "US Open" that Shawn Liu hosted in Alabama last month. They have some video clips too, check it out -

By the way, the "Wushu Festival" in Baltimore is this weekend. Anyone who goes, let me know how it is. I'm curious whether or not they'll make any statements about the recent developments in the WKF leadership (leading to the "new" Nationals in San Diego to replace this event).

Also that competition in Chian is this coming week. I'll let you all know if I find any coverage of it in the Chinese press. I think there probably will be something.

Oh, and the site (ie Anthony Goh's faction of the WKF) has a report and results from the Pan Am Games. The address is Its interesting to read how positive Anthony Goh is about it ("huge success," "most well run," etc). The reports I've heard of it aren't nearly that nice. ;)

7/29/00 - If you happen to be able to view Chinese on your web browser, or like me, you are a Beijing Wushu Team fan, I suggest you check out

Its an official page for the Beijing Wushu Team, hosted by Even if you can't read Chinese, its worth clicking around and seeing some of the cool pictures. You'll recognize most of the athletes are the same athletes in some of my Beijing Team coverage.

7/28/00 - Nationals update. I got the following email from the WKF Board of Directors:
To all competitors and friends:

OK everyone, it's official. The USAWKF National Competition will be in San Diego during the weekend of October 6, 7 & 8. Everyone can feel free to spread the word.

The facility is called the Concourse and is a part of the convention center complex although the rest of the convention center is a block or 2 away. It's only 3 miles from the airport and 12 hotels are within walking distance. The floor area is over 23,000 SF (157 x 151 ft) plus spectator seating in the balcony (1100 seats) so we should have plenty of room. The place is beautiful ! And the floor is carpeted.

Information about the location, divisions, etc. is available at:

The site is still under construction, so check back frequently for updated and additional information, as well as on-line registration.

Please do not use any website or e-mail address involving the site, such as, in conjunction with this National event, as that site is in dispute with Network Solutions and is currently being held by Goh's Kung Fu in Baltimore and as such, is no longer the official USAWKF site.

If you need more information, you can contact the official USAWKF from the website, or by replying directly to this address at

Also, the USAWKF Board of Directors and National Competition Committee welcome any ideas, comments, or suggestions that you wish to send our way. We know that you all have lots of ideas for making this the greatest National Competition ever, so don't hesitate to let us know!

Thanks and see you in San Diego,
National Competition Committee

Cool Deal. The venue looks pretty nice, check out the website.

7/25/00 - A couple quick links to some articles on Wushu from the People's Daily in English -

Beijing to Hold International Wushu Invitational Tournament - People's Daily (7/25/00)
Interview: Chinese Wushu in Ethiopia - People's Daily (4/4/00)
Qingdao to Host International Wushu Tournament - People's Daily (7/21/00)

By the way, the WKF's new leadership has announced that its Official Nationals (not to be confused with the tournament being held in Baltimore early next month), will be held in San Diego, CA on October 6-8. Rgistration information isn't available yet, but when it is, you should be able to access it at Of course any information will be listed on the upcoming events page once it is officially announced, so check back in a week or two.

In the meanwhile, there is the Kuoshu Federation's tournament next week in Baltimore, the "Wushu Festival" in Baltimore the week after that (no longer a WKF event according to the new leadership), the CAAT tournament out here in California August 12th, and Li Jinheng's tournament in Arizona on labor day weekend.

7/06/00 - I changed the logo on the front page and added a nice photo of my friend Liu Juan of the Beijing Wushu Team that I took a while back. I'll probably swap that photo around once in a while just to keep things fresh.
7/05/00 - Quick Link - check out this Interview with Hu Jianqiang, who you may recognize from the Shaolin Temple movies (he was the older brother in Shaolin Kids) -
7/03/00 - I just got back from Chan Pui's Tournament 2000 in Orlando, FL. I went with my teammate from the Pacific Wushu Academy Brandon Sugiyama and met up with my pal Luciano Cassarino from Argentia. We had a lot of fun and met a lot of old friends and made new ones too while enjoying the competition. Brandon and Luciano both did really well, taking the Internal and Contemporary Grand Championships respectively. Let me tell you that trying to fit two 6+ foot trophies into a Subcompact rental car isn't easy!

Just off the top of my head - present in the contemporary division included - Students from the USWA in Virginia, a big group from Jianhua Guo's school outside Chicago, my pals Pablo and Michael from Arizona, Melissa Gee from VA, some guy from China who's broadsword kicked ass, a big group from Luo Li's school in Florida (another Omei school I think) and my new best friends, the wushu athletes from the Splendid China theme park.

I just took three rolls of film to Costco, hopefully I'll get them back by thursday and scanned in quickly. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of new people, lots of people coming up to me randomly saying "you're that web page guy, aren't you?" I think the pictures should be worth the wait.

6/16/00 - Some Pan Am Wushu Championship results (for the US athletes), courtesy of US Team member, Phillip Chen:

Anita Lopez - first longfist, first straightsword, first spear
Deborah Yang - first tai chi, first taichi straight sword
Vraja Grover - first nanquan, first nangun, fifth broadsword

Phillip Chen - second nanquan, second nangun, first nandao
Ken Glynn - first tai chi and first tai chi straight sword 
I also understand that Canada's Alan Tang got Men's All-Around. Thanks to Phillip for sharing the news. He's going to be sending me some pictures from the competition photos soon too hopefully. Stay Tuned. By the way, Phillip was the only US Team member who went to Worlds in HK in November to also compete at Pan Ams.
6/14/00 - Another Jet Li link - on his next movie -

Jet Li Kick-Starts New Besson Film - Mr. Showbiz (6/13/00)

6/9/00 - Just a quick link. Check this article out from CNN -

Fortune, Fame and Fansites -'s Asia Now (6/16/00 edition)

Basically Jet attributes encouragement from his fans via his website for him taking the part in the Matrix 2! A big congrats needs to go out to my pals at Rotten-Tomatoes for creating his website!

6/01/00 - I was surfing on the web for articles about the recent national championships in China (still looking!) but I did find this cool article on China's olympic bid. Taiji as the olympic symbol? Cool!

Beijing Unveils Emblem, Slogan for 2008 Olympic Bid - People's Daily (2/02/00)

Remember that "Chinese Kungfu vs American Boxing" thing they had last year? Well looks like they're doing it again. I found this article too (hot off the presses):

Chinese and American Kungfu Fight Again (in Chinese) - People's Daily (6/01/00)

I didn't read the whole thing, but basically it says that the rematch will be July 15th of this year in Guangzhou. (btw, NJStar kicks ass!)

OK, here's the best I got for the Men's Nationals - The Beijing Daily has a really brief article on it:

Beijing Wushu Team - Heros of the entire country (sorry, thats my best translation) - Beijing People's Daily (5/30/00)

Basically it just says that The Beijing Team took the team championship out of 33 teams participating. They also took the all-around, changquan, and boardsword championships, as well as the top three places in staff. It mentions that Zhao Qingjian, Jian Zenjiao and He Jingde took firsts.

BUT if you want a little more specific results, check out - Mark got Beijing Team results from NWTC.

5/26/00 - I just added that People's Daily article on the Shaolin Tours to my Shaolin Tour Expose article, you can jump to it directly by clicking here:

People's Daily Article on the Shaolin Tours

ps - I'm working on a quick thing on the 2000 Collegiates (yes, it is 3.5 months late!)

- Can you wait for Shanghai Noon? It looks like its getting pretty good reviews, I'm still pissed I didn't get to go to the screening last week. Roger Ebert gives a pretty good review, which you can hear at this URL - I also suggest you check out the Shanghai Noon Page at Rotten Tomatoes.

BTW, I forgot to list in my previous entry about tournaments Li Jinheng's World Martial Arts Championship in Arizona during Labor day and the CAAT tournament in Cupertino in August. Sorry!

Also I just updated some old links and changed the random picture. Hope you enjoy.

5/19/00 - Hope all of you guys in the US get a chance to catch Jackie Chan on Saturday Night Live this Saturday, 5/20 at 11:30 on NBC (as if you didn't know). Hope its awesome, but how many sketches can they do about a martial arts guy? I hope they don't do anything... culturally insensitive. Check it out and feel free to let us know what you think on the message board. So when is Jet Li coming on?

Also I finally added the info for the 3rd International Wushu Invitational Tournament, to be held in Beijing August 8th-9th. I included the reg materials, but email me if you have any more questions (the english is a little /rough/, maybe we can figure stuff out from the Chinese version of the rules if there's a question). The deadline for registering is the end of the month, so hurry up!

Also coming up is Chan Pui's Tournament 2000, to be held in Orlando, FL July 1st-2nd. This thing looks pretty huge, including the contemporary divisions. I am trying to find a reasonably priced plane ticket right now, but seems like a lot of our regulars here will be there. Will you?

And last but not least... whats up with WKF Nationals? Well at first we weren't even sure if it was going to happen, but I dug a little on the WKF website, apparently it is going to be happening, in Baltimore again, (of course) on the 4th and 5th of August. Go to for more info. One wonders how the rift with the WKF Board will effect this event (see below for more info on that), I guess we'll find out.

5/6/00 - All of you interested in the continuing struggle for control of the USAWKF, in addition to the discussions going on the Debate Zone, I suggest you check out the website which lists tax returns for the WKF (interesting to see where the money goes), but more importantly, it also has some commentary on Anthony Goh's recent memo labelling the Board of Director's recent actions to remove him as a "Coup Attempt." Click on the link about the Board Actions to view that part.

Also I'm going to be posting information about the upcoming International Invitational Tournament in Beijing this August pretty soon. If you guys have a chance to go, I suggest you check it out. Check back on monday or tuesday, hopefully I'll have it all up by then.

4/27/00 - Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been pretty busy (even more than before), and haven't gotten to update the exciting goings on in wushu as often as I'd like. I did just put in a new random pic, on the Random Pic page today though, so check that out.

One thing I wanted to share was news of more Shaolin Monk fakery being used. It appears that there's a show by the same Zhengzhou Martial Arts Institute team that performed here in Oakland in March. The're going to be performing in Ohio in July. When they were here (click here to view the flyer for their Oakland show) I took special note at that time that while they performed Shaolin Fist, and were bald and wore 'monk-like' costumes, they never used the word "monk" in any of their flyers or during the performance. I was happy to see this, since it was clear that these people (like all of those tours that come to America) aren't monks. At least the promoters of that performance weren't trying to cash in on the monk name.

But if you take a look at the website for this latest performance, at, it would appear that this promoter (since he's the one making the website) is trying to cash in, with statements like "Why pay thousands of dollars for a trip to Shaolin Temple when now they are available here in Cleveland! Participate and learn directly from Shaolin monks!" Having seen this show, I can tell you, that first of all, all but like three of the 10 performers were like under the age of 12 (are they going to be teaching too?), and secondly, most of the stuff they performed wasn't even Shaolin Fist, it was Contemporary Changquan! I think if people go to this show/seminar and expect to see shaolin monks performing shaolin quan and learn from them, they're going to be disappointed. :(

They also claim that one person, Master An, is Jet Li's teacher. Which is a somewhat suspect statement. He well could ONE of Jet Li's teacher, but it would be more accurate to mention that he had many coaches and masters who taught him during his career. Perhaps several dozen. I'm pretty sure (correct me if I'm wrong?) that Master An (what is the rest of his name?) wasn't one of Jet Li's principle coaches at any point in his career. In China many times old masters are brought in to teach professional athletes in a specific style for a short amount of time (a few days or a few weeks, perhaps even a few months)

Just thought I should share this with everyone, the old addage of BUYER BEWARE! must certainly be heeded in the wushu world. There are a lot of people out there trying to make a buck off the public with less than accurate statements. (most notably, using the word "monk")

4/16/00 - Me so tired! OK, well not that I've gone to bed yet, but /yesterday/ was the 8th Annual UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Championship. It was good to see everyone who came out to compete, judge, volunteer. Off the top of my head, some of the further away guys included of course Mimi Chan, Eddy Q. from New Mexico, Ken from SLO, pEtEr from UCI(R), the whole crew from NWTC, Li Jinheng and Kenny Perez from AZ (and of course Michael "The WushuWay" McCloud).

I want to apologize upfront about any problems w/ the registration anyone had, that was my role in this tournament, and as always, not as seemless as we'd have liked it. But otherwise the competition seemed to be going pretty well (even if I didn't take home any medals this time!) Big congrats goes to Mark "" Moran for taking the Contemporary Grand Championship with his Nanquan.

I don't have an official number, but at this point it looks like there were at least 330 competitors, which is up from last year's number of 275. A /lot/ of taiji, but the kids divisions ended up actually being the longest. OK, hope everyone who came had a good time, share your opinions and thoughts in the message boards, ok?

4/9/00 - Its 3am, I just came back from WAAY too many hours helping the UC Berkeley Taekwondo club with their 31st annual UC Open Taekwondo championships, but I *HAD* to share some news:

So you want to learn the new compulsories? Here's your chance! CLICK HERE for seminar information. Only thing is, you better be willing to fly to China to learn it! No word on when/if the text books or instructional tapes will be released (but who wants to learn i from a book anyway?)

Special thanks to Lisa for passing along that one!

4/8/00 - Sorry guys! Been so busy lately! I went down to LA last weekend for the Beijing Team's last demo before heading back to China. It wasn't perfect, but of course, absolutely amazing. I got my pictures back this week, hopefully I'll have some time tomorrow to fire up the old scanner and stick them up on the Beijing Team 2000 page.

In the meanwhile, here's something to chew on... Jet Li in the Matrix 2? Click on the link - The Matrix Beckons Jet Li to read more about it. While you're at it, click on this link - Mel & Jet Create Hong Kong-Style TV to read about that proposed wushu-related TV show that Jet is working on with Mel Gibson.

And also, our friends at Cal State Fullerton have offered to host the 2001 Collegiates! When more information becomes available, I'll pass it along. In the meanwhile you can contact the organizers at For those of you not familiar with the Intercollegiate Wushu Championship - its a wushu competition open to currently enrolled college students practicing any style of Chinese Martial Arts. Its open to individuals, but the cool part is the team competition, where teams represting their universities compete for wushu-braggin' rights! All you east coast guys better start preparing now! We want to see you out here this time!

3/30/00 - The Beijing Team will be doing another small demo at the National Wushu Training Center in Huntington Beach this coming Saturday 4/1 at 6pm. Should be like the one they did two weeks ago, about 45 minutes to an hour. Get there early for the good seats!

Also Master Yang Fukui will be in the SF Bay Area giving a number of seminars in different subjects. Click here to view the flyer for more information.

3/27/00 - Sorry for no updates here, but I hope you guys already checked out the Beijing Team pictures I put up on friday. Click here to check them out if you haven't already. I just added two more shots of Jet that I got from Hansie. One is of him and the team and one is of him and a bunch of us Berkeley wushu peoples (including me).

I think I'll take this chance to update the events listing page, I realize that I've been kind of behind on that, considering that a bunch of tournaments have come and gone and I never actually got around to listing them! Sorry! Again, if you've got any events you want me to list, let me know. I've been pretty bad about that and updating my instructors directory. I'll try to be more timely, and if you don't see your school listed, email me, if I still don't do it, email me agai to remind me!

(Hey, you try to earn a PhD, take two classes, teach a class, train, maintain some sembelence of a social life AND run the web's bestest wushu website! -- And you can guess that since I'm doing pretty well at with the website, I'm probably not doing so great with the other stuff!)

3/13/00 - Hope you guys had a good weekend, I know I did! (Too many CHP officers for one weekend though). Are you all going to the Beijing Team seminars at NWTC this coming saturday (see info below) I also found out that they're also having a pretty good sale on their equipment that day, deals include - free staff w/ each purchase of over $80, Silks for $99 and "Buy 3 items, get the least expensive for 1/2 price" (which could be pretty good if you're like buying three silks). NWTC actually has a really good selection of swords and other weapons at pretty fair prices, I suggest you check their stuff out. OK, end of commercial!

Check this awesome article that was pointed out originally by JianXia on the message board about the Shaolin Temple's name being abused by unscrupulous parties. I am totally excited about this article, because it totally bolsters the position that I have been promoting here on this website about the fraudulence of the Shaolin "Monks" springing up all over the place (see the news entry for 2/25/00 for example) -

Infringement of Shaolin Temple Rights is Illegal - People's Daily (3/6/00)

And I'd invite those who disagreed with my views on the temple in the past to respond (particularly my article on a Shaolin Monk Tour). Try to come with something better than just saying this article is just government propoganda though, please?

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