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This page is comprised of current events and goingson in the world of wushu (at least my world which I think is pretty expansive, as far as wushu in America goes). Sections are seperated by the dates they were entered. If you are new to this page, it might be best to start at the bottom and read up section by section. If you are a regular, go straight to the top of the list for the latest info!

3/9/00 - Some quick AV links:

Check out these exclusive clips from Jet's new flick, Romeo Must Die - Sneak Preview Videos.

For all the old school wushu fans out there, check this out - World Martial Arts Exhibition - From 1980, featuring the Beijing Wushu Team. Check it out, its a demo in Oakland from back in the day! Plus its like an hour long! I haven't even watched it all yet. Scroll down to the bottom for the streaming video links.

Rotten Tomatoes has info and reviews up for Jackie Chan's next big release Shanghai Noon, check them out by clicking here.

3/8/00 - Matt from UC Irvine has forwarded me information on the Beijing Wushu Team's demo and seminars, to be held on Saturday March 18th in Huntington Beach, CA. Click here for complete information on the seminars and the demo. Hope to see you all there!

In case you wanted to see the flyer for that Shaolin Kungfu show last weekend, click here to view it.

3/5/00 - Just got back from the "Shaolin Kungfu" show going on in Oakland this afternoon. It was like 1/2 local schools doing demos, and 1/2 was the shaolin group. I actually participated in the the group demo for the Pacific Wushu Academy.

The shaolin group was pretty impressive actually. They did about 30 different sets over the span of about an hour - really quick back to back. The kids were definitely good at wushu for kids, but as I've expressed in the past, I don't really like watching kids do wushu, no matter how cute they are.

But surprisingly, the smaller kids were better than the older kids, their sparring and group sets were pretty well rehersed. Their sets were pretty clean and their basics seemed pretty solid. Definitely looked better than the kids in the Shaolin Monk groups that have been on TV lately. After 45 minutes of continues sets, you could tell they were getting really tired as the end of the show approached. Also their musical selections left a great deal to be desired unfortunately (if I ever hear that Jackie Chan Drunken Master II song again, I'm going to go crazy).

The issue that I was really hypersensitive to was the whole "Shaolin"/"Monk" thing. These kids were wearing robes, and did have bald heads, but they never describes themselves as being monks. In fact a lot of the stuff they were performing wasn't even shaolin wushu, it was regular old contemporary wushu.

Worth watching if you get the chance (I have no idea where else they are performing, but I heard they're going to do a bunch more performances.

2/25/00 - Really quick article link:

Monks in Vegas - (from Yahoo News) Thanks to Kiko for this link.

Being the skeptic that I am, and since they so prominently mention the "fundraising" issue, one wonders how much money actually does go towards the Temple? The promoters in Vegas are probably taking a lot, the Chinese government is getting a cut, how man people are lining their pockets before any money sees the inside of the Temple? That's IF these "monks" are really even associated with THE Temple in Shaolin. (If someone has more information about this tour group, I'd appreciate them sharing it).

2/24/00 - Two things - the flyer for that Shaolin Quan performance is here. Check it out. I looked at some bios of the performers, it says they are provincial level champions in many events, including of course Shaolin Fist. And best of all, they didn't claim to be monks. (because you know how I feel about monks)

Secondly, UC Berkeley's Upcoming tournament (to be held on April 15th) registration material can be accessed by clicking here - I hope everyone's recieved their hard copy already, but just in case, its up there.

2/23/00 - I have information on donating to Akko Nishimura's memorial fund and sending condolences, please email me if you are interested at .

Akko was in the process of building a community center in Oakland for the many martial arts, self defense and cultural arts groups she was involved with. Her family and friends intend to continue the work, I will pass along any information I get along to you guys. (See the 2/19 entry for more information)

On another subject - Sunday March 5th is a performance by the Zhengzhou Martial Arts Major Institute's Shaolin Kungfu Performing Group at Oakland's Kaiser Auditorium. I have a poster, but my scanner is on the blink right now. For more information, call 925-689-6868.

2/20/00 - Mark of has just gotten back from S. Cal with a list of the Beijing Team athletes who will be arriving from China to the US this week (in but a few days). Check it out at From the looks of it, their plans for a big tour this year didn't materialize, so they're only planning on spending their time here training with maybe a few small demonstrations.

If I get any information about performances, I'll let you guys know. There WILL be a performance by another group from China here in the SF Bay Area in two weeks. I'll put the flyer up soon, but the group is the "Shaolin Kungfu Performance Group - Zhenghou Martial Arts Major Institute" (thankfully the word 'monk' does not appear anywhere on the flyer!) The Pacific Wushu Academy will be performing as well I think, so it should be worth watching for that at least.

2/19/00 - Today I have some unfortunate information to share with everyone. I found out today about the death of a fellow martial artist I had the pleasure and the honor to get to know recently. This past thursday evening, Akko Nishimura was killed by a suspected drunk driver while walking to her martial arts class in Oakland, CA. A newspaper article with more details can be found here.

I only got to know Akko briefly when we both competed at Li Jinheng's tournament this past summer (click here for my original photoessay). I found her to be a superb competitor and she was very supportive as we competed together in forms and weapons sparring divisions. I didn't get a chance to know her well, only through email after that tournament, but one thing was clear, Akko truly had devoted her life to Martial Arts of all styles and we as a community will miss her.

If anyone is interested, please email me and I will pass along funeral information when I recieve it.

2/16/00 - A few more bits of news. First of all, The next, next world games will be held in Singapore in 2003. This makes me wonder where they're going to be in 2001... Anyhow, Lisa's page has a link to the original Chinese article in her International Wushu News section.

And on an American entertainment front, check out this article Eric forwarded me:

Gibson Will Monkey Around in NBC Miniseries  
Feb 16 2000 3:07AM ET     
By Michael Fleming

NEW YORK (Variety) - "Dharma & Greg" star Thomas Gibson will be paid
$1.5 million to co-star with Bai Ling in "The Monkey King," a four-hour
NBC miniseries mounted by Robert Halmi's Hallmark Entertainment.

Russell Wong is negotiating to play the title role.

In the script, by "M Butterfly" playwright David Henry Hwang, a young
American businessman and scholar travel to a Chinese land in order to
battle mythic monsters.

Gibson already has three movies in the can for a 2000 release: Universal's
"The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas," "Psycho Beach Party" for Strand
Releasing and "15 Moments" for Alliance Atlantis.

Halmi's Hallmark and NBC collaborated on such works as "Merlin" and
"Gulliver's Travels." 
Sounds kind of cool! Russell Wong is making his comeback baby! First Romeo Must Die and now this? Speaking of which, check this other tidbit I found -

Jet Li at NAACP Image Awards - (2/13/00 Reuters) - Has a nice picture of Jet presenting an award and an article.

2/16/00 - First, the Jet Li Appearence (see below) is at the Shrine Auditorium (near USC). Sorry I forgot to mention it. Secondly, check out Eric's China Trip. I got Eric to dig his old China trip article out of his archived copy of his old website (may it rest in peace). I think you guys will enjoy it. Plus it helps me improve my ratio of contributed articles. I like it when other people write stuff for the page, it sure saves me from having to do all the work myself! I'm working on getting a world games photoessay out of the US Team, anyone else have any good ideas, let me know, ok?
2/14/00 - Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Got some hot Jet Li News for all of you, especially those in Southern California:

Jet will be appearing at the LA Comic Book and Sci Fi Convention this Sunday, the 20th. He's promoting Romeo Must Die which opens next month. I imagine it will be somewhat like his appearance last last summer which I attended (read about it by click here), basically they show some clips, they have some questions from the audience and he does like million autographs. I encourage everyone to check it out. He's schedule for 1pm.

2/13/00 - Me so tired! Just got back from Collegiates... I don't want to stay up too long writing this, so I'll cut to the chase - Basically one of Cal's teams got first, one of Stanford's teams got second, and another of Cal's teams got third. I'm not sure about the placings for the other three team, so I won't speculate.

Personally (for those of you who care how I did), I didn't have that great of a competition, I didn't feel that prepared, but I did ok. I got two seconds, a third, and a forth place in individual competition and a second with my team in the group set competition (a very close second).

I really need to go to sleep now! I will write more when I'm not about to collapse from exhaustion.

2/8/00 - Only 4 days til Collegiates, can you wait? I know I can't. In the meanwhile, here's a few links to some articles worth reading (for a good laugh, if nothing else, can you say "Shaolin-Land" and "Euro-Shaolin-Land?"):

Shaolin Monks Perform Kungfu (China Daily) (from last summer, thanks to pEtEr)
Temple Planners Come Out Fighting (South China Morning Post) (thanks to Lisa)

I have some more articles to link to, some of them are in Chinese though :( Anyhow, I'll try to get them up this week. Also I have some special articles to add if I get a chance. And of course look for results from Collegiates up by Sunday morning!

2/3/00 - Reviews are already coming out from Sneak Previews of Jet Li's new flick Romeo Must Die. My friends over at Rotten-Tomatoes have a page up linking to them. It can be found by clicking Rotten-Tomatoes' Romeo Must Die Page. Check it out. One review is from our pal pEtEr, and he does point out some race issues that remind me of my own concerns with Lethal Weapon 4. Why can't Hollywood do a decent job presenting Asian Americans? (and of course I'm overlooking the fact that Asians doing martial arts is a stereotype in itself). I guess we'll see when the movie comes out (it's schedule for a March 24th, 2000 release in the US).
2/1/00 - Jet Li news! Here's a press release from TNT about the previously rumored Jet Li/Mel Gibson produced TV project (I think last mentioned over the summer, check the past news for more info):
TBS has ordered an original two-hour movie/potential series pilot for INVINCIBLE, a martial arts action spectacular from ALLIANCE ATLANTIS Communications, Mel Gibson's ICON productions, and his LETHAL WEAPON co-star Jet Li. Tentatively set to premiere late this year or early next, INVINCIBLE will spotlight the ancient martial art known as wushu, with the choreography and death-defying action scenes you might expect to find in a Hong Kong film. "Introducing wushu through the medium of television will allow us to reach a wider audience than we could with film, and we can use each episode of the series to expand on the martial art's complicated but profound philosophy," said Jet Li. "In addition, INVINCIBLE will feature awesome action sequences that go beyond the light-headed, bang-bang action often found on television. There will be a healthy underlying moral theme, emphasizing control, discipline and the balance of good and evil."

1/30/00 - Just a few quick notes: First don't forget to register for collegiates! the deadline is tuesday for prereg! See the link below to go to Stanford's website for info! Also, if you get a chance, I promised my friend Jenny Tang I'd publicize her webpage at
1/29/00 - Sorry for the lack of updates this week. School's been quite a pain this week (its not the taking classes that's so bad, its the teaching classes thats the pain!) Anyway, just a quick link. There's another promo article on Romeo Must Die from some entertainment website, check it out here -
1/20/00 - Quick note,, the providers of our message board (the ever popular Xiao Ka's Wushu Debate Zone) have rearranged their message boards, hope you guys enjoy the new layout. Unfortunately any messages written between yesterday and today were lost (there were only a couple, mostly about the reported "Nude Taiji Video"... ie nothing major!) I'll have to come up w/ a new poll though, since it didn't get moved w/ the change over. Any suggestions?

Anyway, just wanted to update you guys on that, and also remind everyone to get ready for Collegiates! Cal is coming in force and en masse!

1/19/00 - School started today, hopefully I can balance school, teaching, wushu, helping plan a tournament, this website and some semblence of a personal life in the coming months. But if I can't, I think school and a personal life will be the ones to suffer first.

I finally put up some pictures and a brief summary from that CAAT tournament from last summer. Sorry for taking so long! Now if I can ever get around to finishing Episode V of the Beijing Team 99 extravaganza, then I'll be pretty much caught up (in time for this year's tournaments right around the corner).

Speaking of tournaments right around the corner, Collegiates is only like 3 weeks away! Are you going? It should be fun (as always). I hope to see you guys all there. Stanford has the official website updated, go to to view it. Its great, they've got all the registration materials and info on there. Now if you could only submit your reg form electronically, that'd be something!

1/11/00 - Happy New Year! Sorry I haven't been updating much, I've had the flu for the past week. But I'm all better now. I just reuploaded the Fists of Fury and Legend article that was lost when the site got hit by hackers last year. (It took so long cause I had to dig through to find the original email when I first got it).

Also, Matt from UC Irvine has a report from that "Sanshou vs Boxing" event last month. He gives a first person account of what he saw, click here to read it. Its interesting though, I heard from someone who was just in China, that this event got a LOT of press in China. Everyone there knows about it and thought it was a big deal. It was really hyped up as Chinese martial arts defeating the imperialistic boxing of America or something along those lines apparently. Hopefully someday there will be a real match up between some top quality boxers and top quality sanshou guys.

12/28/99 - I finally posted the results of the US Team 99 Fundraiser Page. Sorry for taking so long, it took me a while to get a complete list of all the donors. A special thanks to all the generous people who donated!

By the way, the latest issue of Inside Kungfu just hit the stands, I peeked at it briefly today at the bookstore - congrats to Wushu personality Mimi Chan who was named "Woman of the Year." I didn't look through the whole thing, so I don't know who won the other awards. I'll try to find out.

12/24/99 - If you haven't already, check out the conversations going on at the Debate Zone. There's been a lot of conversation about the WKF and the IWuF and what we as wushu practicioners can do to address problems we find. I encourage everyone to read up and then chime in! This is democracy in action.

For you Jet Li Fans, you can see the Trailer for his new movie Romeo Must Die at the movie's website, There's nothing there but the trailer so far. As for the trailer... I just downloaded it, its kind of weird... the music was kind of "Duel of the Fates"-ish. No release date is given though. I think Jet Li's official website has some picturs and more info about the film up there.

I rearranged the front page a little, redistributed some of the content, hopefully things are easier to navigate now. I will be adding my Shaolin Monk tour expose hopefully by the end of tomorrow too, but first I think I'm going to re-do the poll.

Thanks everyone and happy holidays!

12/22/99 - You may have noticed that all the updates I did in the past week are gone. There was a problem with my ISP and they went to a backup copy that didn't include my most recent additions to this page. Its ok, I will repost all the info again:

First of all, if you have Cable, check out the martial arts related programs now playing on the Discovery and Civilization channel (click for more info and showtimes):

On the Inside - Martial Arts - from a few years back, featuring info on wushu including a few masters including Pan Qingfu, Chan Pui, Dennis Brown and "monk" Shi Yanming.

Ancient Warrios - Shaolin Masters of Kungfu - I've never seen this one, someone let me know if its any good, its supposed to be about the Shaolin temple.

And the other updated info I put up was links to other website's World Games coverage, in no particular order:

Luciano from Argentina
Michael from America
Emilio from Spain (Slide Show)

Unfortunately some of the pictures I had wanted to type up a photessay for were also lost, so I'll have to wait til I get back to California before I can put those up. But look for other updates in the coming days. I also updated the wushu events listing today.

12/14/99 - Still couldn't find any english articles on the results of the recent Sanshou vs Boxing matches in Las Vegas, but I did find an preview article from the People's Daily about the event from a few weeks ago -
Sports - 11/23/99
Chinese kungfu or US professional boxing, which is tougher?

Chinese kungfu or US professional boxing, which is tougher? This is the question which the First Kungfu vs Boxing competition to be held at the Las Vegas Hilton Sports Center on December 11 seeks to answer. It is the first time a contest between the two sports has been organized, according to report of China Daily.

A total of nine pairs of contestants, most of who are national champions in their respective countries, will take part in the event. One pair will be female. The competition that has been dubbed the "battle of the century" by media at home and abroad is not just a commercial exercise. "It pits the traditional fighting sports of the East and the West against each other for the first time," said Li Jie, the chairman of China Wushu Association, which is one of the organizers. Almost every insider is saying the odds are even. "It will be a good match because both of the sides show their desire to win," said Ron Weathers, a promoter of the competition.

Last Saturday, the two sides held a trial competition. Lewis Woods, the 58kg-grade fighter competed with two of his Chinese counterparts. "It seemed we won according to the score," said Chinese coach Guan Jianmin. "But both of the sides didn't show their real power. Many technical secrets should be kept until the official competition." "Chinese kungfu has the advantage of kicking and wrestling skills," said he. Because professional boxers can only use two fists for the fight, a lot of the body is left exposed, where a person using kungfu can strike, he said.

Still interesting despite the fact we know the outcome. (see below) I'll keep my eyes open for more stuff.
12/13/99 - OK guys, sorry for the lack of updates, but the past few weeks have been pretty hectic for me. But within 24 hours, I will officially be over with the Fall 1999 semester and will have a little more time to focus on the page.

I wanted to share a couple of articles on the recent Sanshou VS Boxing event held in Las Vegas this past weekend. There in Chinese, if you have a viewer -

"Chinese Kungfu Mops up Western Boxing" People's Daily
Big Victory, Chinese Kungfu Wins Big, But Chinese Wushu Personalities Think its Only a Game." (I'm kind of unsure about that translation) Yan Cheng Evening News

Basically, from what I've heard and these articles say, China won 7 of the 9 matches. You maybe heard about this event, it seemed kind of weird. The Chinese Sanshou guys could kick and sweep, but the American boxers could not. Thanks to Emilio for finding those links. Matt from UCI mentioned he might put some video up. I'll try to put up some English articles if I find any.

Also, I hope you're preparing for Collegiates! Its February 12th, hosted by Stanford University. Looks like it should be a pretty good turn out, hope to see you all there!

11/19/99 - Some final articles and Results from the World Wushu Games. These are from

5th World Wushu Games Satisfactory Closing (Chinese)
Final Medal Count (Chinese/English)
Complete Results (Chinese/English)

These results disagree with mine in some cases. Mostly because of the tie-breakers I think. I assume these results are complete and correct, although they only list the top eight comptitors.

By the way, are you any your wushu team preparing for the next Intercollegiate Wushu Championship at Stanford University on February 12th, 2000? If you're not a college student, you are still more than welcome to come to the UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Championships, tentatively scheduled for April 29th, 2000. See you there!

11/10/99 - I've updated a couple more results from the games. Click here to view the 1999 World Games Results. Also here is another article:

Andy Lau Performs at World Wushu Games (Apple Daily) (Chinese)

11/8/99 - 11pm PDT - More results added to the 1999 World Games Results Page. Check it out. My friend Dam Thanh Xuan really did well. A first and two fourths! There's another article online, check it out:

China Continues Dominating at World Wushu Championships People's Daily (English)

11/7/99 - 6pm PDT - OK, we got Sanshou results and complete medal counts! Enjoy. 1999 World Games Results.
11/7/99 - 11am PDT - OK, forget what I said about results coming in slowly. Lisa just translated the Sanshou results! Check them out here - 1999 World Games Results.
11/7/99 - 10am PDT - Just got the last two categories up on the results page, so now you can see the results for Men's Broadsword and Women's Nanquan. Click here for the 1999 World Games Results.

Today is the Sanshou finals and the demonstrations, actually if I'm doing my math right, they've actually been done for a while. :( Don't worry, the fun continues for all of us here who get to enjoy the results tricking down to us at a nice slow pace!

Here's another article that mentions my pal Kong Xiang Dong:
China Dominate World Wushu Championships - People's Daily (English)

11/7/99 - 1am PDT - OK, I was pretty busy today, but I managed to get some more complete results from Lisa, check them out on the 1999 World Games Results Page. This is pretty much everything medal wise. Hopefully we'll get more names and scores on the other places in the coming days. (Some of the newspapers take a few days to put it on the web).

In the meanwhile, here are some more articles, in English and Chinese:

Young gun Chow spears gold for HK South China Morning Post (English)

Chow starts HK run with surprise win HK Standard (English)

Hong Kong Team adds two gold and three bronze Ming Pao Daily (Chinese). This article mentions Mae Hsu (\ [) getting third in Spear. It also has a medal count at the end in case you were wondering how well HK and Vietnam were doing compared to everyone else.

HK Team's Li Hui and Zhang Wan Jiang Grab Gold Wen Wei Po (Chinese)

11/6/99 - 10am PDT - I've gotten some more complete results from Lisa, so I've filled in the results a little more. A complete list of all the results we have can now be found on the 1999 World Games Results Page.

Just to add some additional material that I learned from my sources - They are having a lot of fun, the competition is pretty good, the venue is really nice. The hotel maybe isn't so great. OK more news when I get it.

11/6/99 - 1am PDT - I just got a call from my buddies on the scene. They didn't have time to give me the exact scores and competitor names for everything, but I got a listing of places by country. Note, these are for just the first three days, and they are by no means completely accurate:

1. Macau
2. Vietnam
3. Mae Hsu, USA

1. China
2. Vietnam
3. Hong Kong
4. Vietnam
5. Great Britain
6. Japan
7. Holland
8. Macau

1. China
2. Macau
3. Hong Kong
4. Indonesia
5. Taiwan
6. Korea 
7. Singapore
8. Japan

1. Vietnam
2. Hong Kong
3. Japan
4. Vietnam
5. Singapore
6. Taiwan
7. Katrina Leung, Canada

1. China
2. Vietnam
3. Canada
4. Ukraine
5. Anne Hsu, USA
6. Clara Shen, USA

1. China
2. Vietnam
3. Hong Kong
4. Vietnam

1. China
2. Hong Kong
3. Japan
4. Vietnam
5. Taiwan
6. Macau
7. Philipines
8. Malaysia
9. Brandon Sugiyama, USA

1. Hong Kong
2. Korea
3. Japan
8. Fei Bao Xian, Holland

1. Hong Kong
2. Taiwan
3. Macau
4. Malaysia
5. Korea
6. Vietnam
7. Malaysia
8. Vietnam

1. Hong Kong
2. Hong Kong
3. Macau (tie breaker unknown)
   Douglas Chin, Canada 
8. Vietnam

1. Kong Xiang Dong, China

10. Phillip Chen, USA

1. Korea
2. Holland
3. Phillipines
4. Hong Kong
5. Macau
6. Russia
7. Korea
8. Indonesia

Cung Le has won first match
Al Loriaux has won two matches, will get at least 3rd place
Rudy Ott lost first match due to injury
Josh Bartholomew lost first match
Chinu Ly lost first match

11/5/99 - 4:30pm PDT - Found a little of action from the competition from the People's Daily paper:

Huang Chun Ni performing Nandao. She won first place with a score of 9.55.

Qiu Huifang. Won the women's Taijiquan division.

11/5/99 - revised 2pm PDT - DAY TWO Results! Courtesy of Lisa:
WOMEN'S CHANGQUAN 1. Nguyen Thuy Hien, 9.30 2. Lo Nga Ching, Hong Kong, China, 9.26 3. Kawasaki Akiko, Japan, 9.25 MEN's NANGUN 1.Cheng Ka ho, Hong Kong, China, 9.40 2.Liu Jun Wei, Chinese Taipei, 9.3 3.Leong Hong Man, Macau, 9.26 WOMEN'S STRAIGHTSWORD 1. Chen Bei, China, 9.53 2. Li Fei, Macau, 9.30 3. Ng Siu Ching, Hong Kong, China, 9.28 WOMEN'S NANDAO: 1.Huang Chun Ni, China, 9.55 2.Nguyen Phuong Lan, Vietnam, 9.36 3.Angie Tsang, Hong Kong, China, 9.30 MEN'S SPEAR 1.Chow Ting Yu, Hong Kong, China 9.43 2.Cheung Man Keung, Hong Kong, China 9.35 3.Kek Hwang Hwa, Malaysa, 9.21 MEN'S STAFF 1.Park Chan Dae, South Korea 2.Fei Bao Xian, Holland 3.Mark Robert Rosales, Philippine

11/4/99 - 11pm PDT - We've got a couple articles on Worlds, check them out:

Asians Dominate World Wushu Championships(People's Daily 11/5)

Chinese Minister Elected Head of Int'l Wushu Federation(People's Daily 11/4)
Mentions Armenia as next Games Host

The second day's results should be up in the morning. Be sure to check back! I'm waiting for some reports directly from the scene to hear more complete results of our web buddies' performances.

11/4/99 - 8am PDT - Once again Lisa has come through for us. I got the results of the first day of competition. Look for a dedicated results page soon:
Men's Taijiquan: 1.Zou Yunjian, China, 9.55 2.Cheung Man-keung, Hong Kong, China, 9.31 3.Watanabe Toshiya, Japan, 9.30 Women's Nangun: 1.Nguyen Phuong Lan, Vietnam, 9.23 2.Angie Tsang, Hong Kong, China, 9.13 3.Nguyen Ngoc Oanh, Vietnam, 9.03 Women's Taijiquan: 1. Qiu Huifang, China, 9.58 2. Li Fai, Hong Kong, China, 9.43 3. Tang Jennee See, Singapore, 9.35 Men's Changquan: 1. To Yu Hang, Hong Kong, China, 9.38 2. Park Chan Dae, South Korea, 9.35 3. Sakuma Ryouji, Japan, 9.30 Men's Nandao: 1.Ho Ro Bin, Malaysia, 9.28 2.Leong Hong Man, Macau, 9.18 3.Tran Trong Tuan, Vietnam, 9.16 Women's Staff: 1.Dam Thanh Xuan, Vietnam, 9.25 2.Lo Nga Ching, Hong Kong, China, 9.25 3.Katrina Leung, Canada, 9.16
Pretty awesome. Congrats to Dam Thanh Xuan, my friend from Beijing, and to Katrina Leung from Canada. I also recognized our old pal Chan Dae Park up there. Congratulations to everyone actually :P
11/4/99 - Lisa has gotten us some great news this time. I haven't confirmed it, but she's informed me that the 2001 Games are to be held in Armenia (my "homeland" as it were). I am really suprised, aren't you? What does this mean? I think I am one of the few people in the world who can speak some Chinese and some Armenian... maybe I'll actually go! :)

Lisa has also reported that more countries were added to the IWUF, it now has - 83 countries! check out Lisa's website for Chinese and some English versions of the this news. Click here to go to her main page. Click on 'news clippings' for Chinese and 'article translations' for an English summary of some of the recent news. (more details for the news I reported yesterday).

By the way, if my calculations are correct, the Games should already be underway by now in HK!

11/3/99 - More World's news! Lisa informs me that Andy Lau is set to perform at the openning ceremonies! Pretty cool, even if you're not an Andy Lau fan (I'm not really a big fan). Also apparently one of the HK team members dislocated his knee today. What a shame to get injured so close to the competition! Our sympathies go out to the athlete (who's name I don't have). Let's hope no one else gets injured during the competition.
11/2/99 - Worlds are starting in like two days! Can you wait? Keep checking the message board for updates from some of our loyal viewers who are on the scene. Also I'm hoping to get a brief report from some of my US Team pals, check back here for the latest.

In the meanwhile Lisa has been finding all kinds of articles on the Games from Chinese language websites, if you can read Chinese, be sure to check out her news clippings page at, Click on "World Wushu Championships" for the Worlds news.

And last but not least, lets be sure to wish everybody good luck in the competition!

10/15/99 - OK, I just got the full China team results from my pal Lisa. I'm going to put it up in the Beijing Team Competition Results Page (now containing all China competition results I can get my hands on).

Also a heads up to look for the latest issue of Zhonghua Wushu, Tony tells us they've got some stuff about the Beijing wushu team in there. I'm going to try to go to Chinatown next week and see if they have it...

And finally, tomorrow is the Pacific Wushu Academy's Night of Wushu performance here in Berkeley CA. If you're local, I invite you to come and check it out. It should be a really good performance of some top-notch American talent (1/2 the current US Team, a couple of former US Team members). And for those of you not local, its not too late to chip in for our Fundraiser, raising money for America's wushu athletes going to the World Games.

10/13/99 - Hot off the presses! I just found out which members of the Beijing Wushu Team are on the China team going to the Worlds in HK! Before you get mad at me not reporting the whole team, the only reason I know about the Beijing team members is because someone called and talked to the BJ team leader. I'm still waiting for the China Wushu website to announce the whole team. Anyway here it is:

Kong Xiangdong
Liu2 Xiao3 Lei3
Jian Zen Jiao

Special Thanks to Brandon for getting me the info. Speaking of Worlds, Emilio has shared the schedule for Worlds, here it is -

Date Time Event(male/female) -- 11/4 9:00-12:00 changquan/taiji 1430-17:30 taiji/nangun 1930-22:30 nandao/gunshu -- 11/5 9:00-12:00 gunshu/nandao 14:30-17:30 qiangshu/jiangshu 19:30-22:30 nangun/changquan -- 11/6 9:00-12:00 taijijian/qiangshu 14:30-17:30 nanquan/daoshu 19:30-22:30 jianshu/taiji -- 7/11 9:00-12:00 daoshu/nanquan 14:30-17:30 demonstration/demonstration
Thanks to Emilio for getting the 411. Do you have Worlds fever yet???
10/11/99 - In my attempt to ever enlighten the American population about martial arts, I recently contacted everyone's favorite Christian movie review website, in an attempt to have them stop using the term "karate" to refer to martial arts in movies. Despite my Armenian heritage, I am not religious, but I enjoy visiting this website for its unique perspective on movies. (One of my favorites is their review of South Park the Movie - "South Park is another movie straight from the smoking pits of Hell.")

The particular instances of martial arts labeled as Karate were from Rush Hour, Twin Dragons , Black Mask. You and I know that infact these movies contained wushu! So I sent the website a politely worded email asking him to at least use the generic term Martial Arts rather than referring to everything as karate (since I assumed, like a lot of Americans, they just sort of figure everything is karate). This is the response I got:

Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999 12:14:39 -0600 From: "Thomas A. Carder" Subject: Re: The correct usage of the word "Karate" ... You are, of course, right. I had 6 months of shorinru or ishinru (sp) -- can't remember which -- and just *think* I know enough about the Martial arts to sound intelligent and am just kidding myself. I will henceforth follow your recommendation to use Martial arts when violence is protrayed uing one of them. Thnak you. -- Always in Jesus' name. -- Thomas A. Carder ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP) ------- < }}}><
If you get a chance check out the website. It is pretty fun to surf. One of my favorites is the Star Wars review - "Offense to God: unGodly powers to control, manipulate, and kill."

So my question is - is Karate sinful? Does using martial arts mean you are wantonly violent? :P

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